Vote for the IB Fan Vid of the Year

The geniuses (Andrew Miller & Co.) at IB Central have a contest going on: Vote for the IB Fan Vid of the Year. Our very own Mary Beth, with the help of video-extraordinare and clips guru Donna Pool have entered and right now are in the lead. The prize, an autographed copy of Imaginary Bitches: Season 1.

Head on over to this link: IB Fan Vid of the Year and VOTE (it ends on January 9th)!!!

And here’s Mary Beth and Donna’s video, The Many Faces of Eden:

And don’t forget, our featured suggestion for this year’s holiday gift to your friends!!

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Give your friend an “Imaginary Bitch” for Christmas!

Haven’t finished your Christmas shopping yet?

Stuck on what to give your best friend, sister, cousin?

Not sure what to get them?

Well, we have the solution!! What better gift to give than Heather and Catherine!! Seriously <eats chocholate> this Christmas season, why not give them an Imaginary Bitch.  Actually, we mean the “Imaginary Bitches” DVD.

Come on, you know it’ll make a great present. The DVD has all of Season 1’s episodes in their entirety.  Treat your friends to what it’s like to have an imaginary friend. Show them the world of Eden and her crazy cohorts (real and imaginary).

And even more enticing, the DVD has cool extras, like a blooper reel and some behind the scenes interviews and episode commentaries from Eden Riegel, Andrew Miller, Sam Riegel and James Kee.

Spread the love and give your friends and family the “Imaginary Bitches” this holiday season.

On sale now at for the low price of 19.95!

“Doctors Martin?” – Only on All My Children

Only on All My Children… can you go from being a lowly almost med-student one day and a doctor nearly 2 years later…

On today’s episode of All My Children (December 10th, 2008), David got a call from one of his colleagues in Doctors Without Borders. Apparently, David is going to send Tad on a wild goose chase searching for Jeff and Jamie in the Congo because he paid his doctor friend to tell Tad that they’ve gone missing.

The dialogue:

Saad: Dr. Hayward, it’s Saad. How are you?

David: Hello, doctor. So you got my message.

Saad: Yes. It’s good to hear from you again. So you were inquiring about two doctors that we have working out here, Jeff Martin and Jamie Martin?

Jamie is a doctor now?

I guess the colleges and medical schools in Africa are on an accelerated program. Last I checked, when Jamie left Pine Valley, he was barely an intern. Although, they did have him running around PVH in a doctor’s jacket at one point before having him wear scrubs again (or at least the top.)

So when exactly did Jamie graduate med school? Or the more precise question is, when did Jamie complete his undergraduate program before proceeding to achieve his medical degree. He’s only been gone for a year and a half.

Does this mean that when Jamie returns to Pine Valley in the future, should AMC want to bring back the character… he’ll be a certified, licensed doctor?

Only on AMC…

Heard ya the first time, Zach..

So, is it just me, or does Zach seem to be on rinse & repeat lately. Well, the Zach and Reese scenes.  I understand that Reese doesn’t have any other friends in Pine Valley except for Bianca and Zach, which I don’t have too much of a problem with. My gripe here is that every single time Zach and Reese are in scenes together, it’s about the SAME.EXACT.THING.

Zach professes his love for Kendall.

Reese comforts Zach, tells him not to lose hope.

Zach repeats that he is not giving up, his wife is a fighter.

Reese replies that she understands.

Zach walks out of room.

Reese is standing there with a “WTF?!” look on her face.

<Rinse & Repeat> Scene to be done again in a week, just in a different location with variation of dialogue.

Memo to Zach Slater: I love you man, but this brooding is getting old. If you could maybe explain why you must brood and profess your love over and over, that would be a bit of an improvement. Do you feel any sort of guilt for going behind your wife’s back and donating your little swimmers to Bianca? Is that why you need to brood and say you love her over and over?

Speaking of Zach and guilt, I have yet to see him voice any sort of guilt for his part in the creation of Simba Montgomery. Perhaps this need to state his love out loud is his brand of guilt? He’s all about not wanting lies and secrets and yet, he’s has been doing that.

Nah, that’s just a bit too logical.

Kendall… please wake up. *begs* (I miss you Alicia Minshew.)