All My Children – Is It Just Me?

Is it just me, or is All My Children still no better than it was when McTavish left? How many head writers has this soap gone through so far? What will it take to dig the show out of second to last place in ratings? Why can’t the writing improve? Why does AMC insist on the writing method of “throwing pasta against the wall and see if it sticks” ?

What has happened to “Love In the Afternoon” ?

So many questions and not many answers.


Take the Imaginary Bitches Home With You!!

As per an e-mail from Writer/Creator/Producer – the Great Andrew Miller… Imaginary Bitches, this summer’s youtube sensation (in my opinion) will be released on DVD this November 3rd!!

Here’s the most recent message sent out by the Imaginary Bitches Newsletter:

Dear FOB,

How’s it going?  Things are good here.  Actually, they’re really good.  We’ve been extremely busy putting together a DVD for season one and we’re pretty much done and it’s pretty great.  For one thing, we’ve got all the episodes in their full widescreen glory, but what’s really amazing are the special features.  There are interviews that get extremely personal with the cast about their own dating experiences and which of them have their own imaginary friends.  There’s a blooper reel that gives a great sense of what it’s like behind the scenes on the set.  And there are episode commentaries with Eden, Andrew, writers, actors AND Catherine and Heather.  Yes, we were finally able to drag those bitches out of bed and get them into the sound booth. Their perspective on the episodes and their stories about shooting them are incredible.  It might be the first DVD in history that features imaginary actresses and we’re incredibly proud to finally break through this glass ceiling.

Check out the brand new DVD trailer for a sneak peak…

The DVD will be available on November 3rd…Directly from the IB website @  We’re extremely excited about it and hope you like it as much as we do!

The Bitches

Mark your calendars!! November 3rd, Heather and Catherine will be making themselves home with you!