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Courtesy of a poster at the BAM board, Kenzie07 found this cute video of someone interviewing Andrew Miller and Eden Riegel of “Imaginary Bitches”

Thanks Kenzie07 for finding this.

Imaginary Bitches 1×08 – Sexy Secret Santa

Well, apparently it was Christmas in July for Eden, Heather and Catherine. The episode opened with Eden sitting on the couch with the girls (Heather and Catherine), as they (well, really just Eden) picked out names for Secret Santa. In all reality, it really wasn’t a secret, since there was only 3 people, but let’s just play along for fun’s sake.  The limit was $5.00, the Bitches complain and Eden said that with a $5.00 limit, it forced creativity with gifts, rather than being extravagant if the limit were $500.00.

So, what does one get with $5.00?  Condoms.

Anyhow, it also seemed in this episode that Eden was having a better time with Heather and Catherine, instead of her real friends, Brooke, Lizzie and Connie. In fact, Connie and Eden ran into each other in the parking lot. Connie has been trying to get in touch with Eden all week. Eden claims she’s been calling. Well, she called twice.  Connie spots the condoms and assumes Eden has been gettin’ it on with a guy or two, but Eden explains the whole Secret Santa shabang.

As an aside, Connie sure seems like the sex maniac… with mentions of latex cat suits and all.

Cut to Eden walking home having a convo with the Bitches when she gets a call from Brooke. Brooke is frantically apologizing for not including Eden in the Secret Santa from the previous year. Eden brushes it off and says, there’s always a next time and maybe she’ll need a set of his/her slippers.

Highlight of the episode is the gift reveal, followed by Lizzie, Connie and Brooke interrupting what looked like a fun moment for Eden and the Bitches. The girls (the real friends) claim their reason for stopping by is to celebrate “Independence from men Day.” All is going well, when they each describe what they hate about their boyfriends or like about being single.  The attention turns to Heather, who goes on to describe being with someone for many years, loving the guy so much, but died of cancer. And that not a day goes by where she doesn’t regret all the times she sat around complaining about him.

Time to get misty right? Well, it appears Lizzie, Brooke and Connie feel like crap for stopping by given what Heather had just said.

Too bad Heather was lying!  Ha! She made it up just to get rid of the real friends.


With each passing episode, it seems Eden is more and more comfortable with Heather and Catherine being around. They’ve really become a part of her life and it looks like she’s having a better time with them than her real friends.

Could that spell trouble?

Watch the episode and let us know what you think!

Exclusive Q&A with Eden Riegel, Part Deux

Here’s Part 2 of my exclusive Q&A with Imaginary Bitches star Eden Riegel. Eden was kind enough to answer questions about more than just her incredibly popular web series, including her time on All My Children as much-beloved, incredibly put-upon icon Bianca Montgomery, where she managed to open many narrow minds with her effective, sensitive and wonderful portrayal of daytime’s first front-burner homosexual character, things she would have changed, things she wouldn’t touch, her chemistry with Elizabeth Hendrickson, the life of BAM and her newly minted marriage to husband/writer/director Andrew Miller (or as we call him around here at SS&D… God).

I hope you enjoy.

SS&D: Now, taking a step back in time…Bianca… How different is it playing goodie two-shoes, sweet and innocent Bianca and smart-talking, not-as-crazy-as-she-seems “Eden”? How different is that mind-set?

Eden: Not that different, actually. It’s a different type of earnestness, but both ladies are incredibly earnest. In fact, the comedy comes from the fact that “Eden” is the least likely person to have such a raunchy, bitchy subconscious. So, on the surface, she and Bianca are the same. It’s just underneath that things get a bit choppier.

SS&D: Let’s face it, playing a lesbian is rife with possibilities… How did Bianca end up being so virtuous? She is quite possibly the most angelic character, well, ever. (The one night stand with Leslie caused some outrage because that just wasn’t Bianca’s style and even the refusal to talk to Maggie caused some resentment among hard-liners – and don’t get me started on the Babe forgiveness)

Eden: Yeah, I think maybe the fans were experiencing growing pains at the idea of Bianca growing up. I agree that that was completely out of character. But, as you mentioned, Bianca’s been through a lot of crapola and is decidedly NOT a saint — that’s why her struggle is so relatable. So she’s trying some new things, to see if they fit. Or she’s so sick of people letting her down that when the person she loves more than anyone on earth does it she can’t forgive her. Or the reality of her best friend letting her believe that her daughter is dead drives her bat-s***-crazy. She’s not perfect. What makes her virtuous is that she tries damn hard.

SS&D: Was it sometimes hard to play such a character, that everyone in Pine Valley thought was all sweetness and light, while you had to watch their characters gettin’ busy with each other on a daily basis?

Eden: Yeah, that sucked. But at the same time, like you mentioned in the last question, that’s just not Bianca. She would never do that. So the writers had to get creative. And because of that I had amazing, compelling stories to play.

SS&D: Bianca was frequently called the moral compass of Pine Valley. Did you ever want to see Bianca just snap and go on some kind of amoral spree that would scandalize even the most jaded citizens of Bianca’s home town? (the Bada$$ Bianca fantasy episode comes to mind) What would you have had her do to shock the good people of Pine Valley?

Eden: I’m not sure. I think it might have been a cheap thrill. At that point Pine Valley was pretty morally bereft, and they needed a compass, desperately. The fantasy episode was fun, but usually when Bianca lost control it was because something traumatic pushed her to it (remember drunk Bianca dancing on the pool table? Really badly? Like, totally embarrassing herself?) For her to lose her sense of morals she’d have to have a severe head injury. Or be an evil twin. That would be super fun! But in the end I would want Bianca back, untarnished and with her little heart pointing to true north.

SS&D: To be honest, I think that’s the only way all of Bianca’s fans would want her to be. But would you have liked to have seen more romance in Bianca’s life? Not necessarily love scenes, because, well, those can be so over-the-top on soaps, even among heterosexual couples (I’ve seen some seriously cringe-inducing scenes on ABC soaps, Ryan/Greenlee anyone?), but possibly mornings-after, cuddling, natural displays of affection?

Eden: Yeah, that would have been fun. I had one scene that I remember, waking up with Lena the morning after. I think she gave me a little peck when she said goodbye, too. That was sweet.

SS&D: It’s obvious you and Elizabeth Hendrickson are close friends and you’ve played some incredibly heavy, emotionally charged scenes opposite each other. Even though Bianca and Maggie were just as close (some would say even closer, considering their eventual relationship), did you ever find it hard to get into character? Did you ever look at a script and think, oh, there is no way we’re going to get through this scene…?

Eden: Not really. Is that weird? I have total faith in us. I think we’re awesome. There’s nothing we can’t do!

SS&D: I don’t think that’s weird, I think that shows what tremendous chemistry you have and that you trust each other completely when it comes to your work. And if you could actually bring Bianca and Maggie back to Pine Valley, how would you do it? Because, you’re right that we BAM fans are all imagining that they’re back together in Paris, raising Miranda as a family… as it should be. (and, by the way, Miranda loves hockey)

Eden: Maybe we’d come back to the town to make Miranda’s adoption legal, have Maggie get inseminated by Josh, and have a huge splashy wedding at the Valley Inn! (Or maybe something smaller and more intimate at the boathouse). By the way, Miranda’s a Leafs fan. Not a Detroit fan like her Uncle Zack and cousin Spike.

SS&D: (*blinks at the thought of Maggie being inseminated by Josh… artificially, of course*) I never would have thought of that, but I’d love the idea of Bianca getting her heart’s desire and seeing AMC tell the first same sex marriage storyline on daytime television. Although, I have a feeling Erica would take complete control of the whole thing, much to Bianca’s dismay. (um, and I’ve heard Mimo is a Rangers fan) Other than the excellent (I’m running out of adjectives to describe the show here) web series, your new life as a married woman and mom to a puppy, I’ve heard that you like to figure skate. Did you begin at an early age or is this a relatively new hobby?

Eden: I started at the age of 10, and stopped at, like, 15. So it was tough getting back to it, but it is so fun and great to challenge yourself in a new way. Like being a kid again. I haven’t made it to the rink in a while. I gotta get back to it!

SS&D: And Andrew likes to practice his hockey moves? Does he play in a league in LA? I know there were several celebrity teams out there at one time. Is he a winger or a defenseman? Are you one of those skaters that goes out to center ice and does spins and jumps while the rest of us mopes who are lucky enough to be able to go forward without doing a faceplant skate around in a big oval? (although I like to think I’m somewhat capable on the ice)

Eden: I’ve been known to show off a little. The worst is when you attempt something and people are watching and fall on your butt. Andrew doesn’t play for a league, but he grabs pick up games at a couple of rinks. He started as an adult, despite the fact that he was born and raised in Canada. Unfortunately Cam and his other friends were more skiers than hockey players (I understand it’s one or the other) so Andrew just got into it recently. He loves it.

SS&D: Skating is excellent exercise; I go weekly in the winter. Your newest family member is the adorable little puppy you adopted. Have you taught Riley to do any tricks? Does he rule the house yet? The most telling question, actually, would be: Where does he sleep? On your bed with you or relegated to a bed of his own?

Eden: Bed of his own, I’m afraid. I so wish we could cuddle with him at night (he is VERY cuddly and loving) but once you let ’em in it’s sort of the end of the honeymoon period, if you know what I mean. Riley sits, downs, heels and comes… sometimes. When he feels like it. We’re working on it.

SS&D: I feel like I must ask you at least one James Lipton question and I’ve previously asked you what your favorite curse word is (same as mine, by the way, nice choice), so… If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates?

Eden: Ya done good.

SS&D: Eden, it’s obvious you married a keeper… Does he have any brothers?

Eden: Sadly no… but he’s got a couple of hot sisters!

SS&D: Thank you, again, Eden for taking the time to answer these questions. You know we wish you continued success with Imaginary Bitches and all your future endeavors. And congratulations again to both of you on your marriage, your new family and all your cinematic achievements.

Eden: It is truly my pleasure. I can’t thank you (and Tracy) enough for your support, enthusiasm, and general happiness-making! You are amazing. I thank my lucky stars every day that I thought your eyebrows were Michael Knight’s, and was dumb enough to say it out loud. Andrew and I look forward to your comments every week. Because you just get it, Lady! Thank you so much. And keep in touch.

SS&D: Well, I do what I can. And I think the tables just turned and now I will never live that down… Well played.

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GH – Night Shift Premieres Tonight!

GH Fans, the moment we’ve all been waiting for has arrived. The second season of Night Shift premieres tonight on Soapnet at 11:00 pm ET.

Judging from the promos that have been running, it looks to be an exciting season. Of course, it helps that Antonio Sabato Jr is back, as Jagger and he’s bringing along a special person at his side.

Tune in tonight… and stay tuned here for commentary on each episode.

Exclusive Q&A Interview With Eden Riegel, part 1

Her name is Eden Riegel. If you’ve ever watched soap operas, you know who she is. She’s an Emmy winner, a daytime television icon and the star of an immensely popular web series with the racy title Imaginary Bitches, created for her by her writer/director husband, Andrew Miller (he’s Canadian!). She’s beloved by many, a symbol and heroine to many more and the complete antithesis of a Hollywood starlet (and, yes, I know what “antithesis” means). The mere fact that she so graciously agreed to answer these questions, despite my complete and utter lack of any journalistic ability, proves this fact. She’s smart, she’s funny, she’s rather irreverent, she’s generous, she’s talented and she’s got a wicked sense of humor.

And because she was so gracious in answering what I did not realize was probably too many questions, I’ve split this Q&A into two parts. Look for Part 2, featuring questions about her ground-breaking and iconic role as Bianca Montgomery on All My Children and being a newlywed, to be posted soon.

Again, I can’t thank Eden and Andrew enough for agreeing to answer these questions and taking the time out of what is undoubtedly a very busy schedule to do so.

SS&D: Let’s start with Imaginary Bitches. Have you finished filming for the season? What can we expect from “Eden” and her friends in the coming weeks, both real and imaginary?

Eden: We have finished filming for the season and there is lots of fun in store, I promise! But I don’t want to give anything away because, well, the episodes are like a minute.. If I give away a few surprises it’s like giving away the whole show! I will say that the two-episode season finale is awesome. And the imaginaries begin to bring to the surface parts of Eden’s personality that she didn’t know were there and, frankly, doesn’t want to deal with. I wonder what will happen?!

SS&D: I think it’s safe to say we’re all very excited to find out. Will we ever see the physical embodiment of Catherine or Heather? While I love the idea of never seeing them and watching you interact with very imaginary characters, who do you think would be the perfect actors to play them?

Eden: I don’t know if we’ll ever see them… ask Andrew, he’s the mastermind. I do know that he was very adamant that we shouldn’t see them for at least the first little while. That’s where all the comedy comes from. I’m thrilled, because I get to say three times as much as I would if Catherine and Heather were real actresses, and I get all the good lines! Lines I would never get to say usually because I always play such a sweetie-pie. Here I get to unleash my inner bitch. And it feels good. Also, I like the fact that I get to picture them however I want. I am influenced by the logo, of course…. but I think the perfect actresses would be Frankensteins. You’d have to combine the looks of one with the incredible bitchiness of another with the shallowness of another with the sluttiness of another. It gets messy and bloody. And I don’t think anyone would want them to actually exist! Shudder!

SS&D: Shudder, indeed! Now, I have to ask how much of Catherine and Heather is actually your own subconscious. I mean, have you ever seriously (eats chocolate) thought the things that Catherine and Heather have “said” in real life and wish that you could have actually said them out loud?

Eden: Yeah, I think of them… just a few minutes to late! Seriously (eats chocolate) I really wish I could come up with this stuff. Andrew’s brain just works on a whole different plane. A seriously (eats chocolate) bitchy plane. Wait a minute! I never really thought about this… I wonder if they are reflections of Andrew’s subconscious! Maybe he’s not Mr. Perfect after all!

SS&D: Or have you… actually said them?

Eden: Golly, no. Although I must say, because of Andrew’s influence, or Catherine and Heather’s, or maybe just because I’m growing up, I am absolutely getting more in touch with my “inner-bitch” every day. And I freaking love it! I think for so long I haven’t known anything, not even what my own opinions are. It feels so freeing to start to figure it out, to be able to trust my instincts and not blame myself. Maybe it’s because women are taught to be nice and not say or think mean things that I have traditionally stuffed down any unpleasant thoughts. But not anymore, baby!! Stand back!

SS&D: Everyone look out for uncensored Eden in the future, then. That should be interesting and a lot of fun! Now, “Eden” is such a departure from Bianca, and it’s obvious you’re having a great deal of fun playing her. Is there something you’d really like to see “Eden” do that would completely shatter the good-girl image that portraying Bianca created once and for all?

Eden: I’m not entirely comfortable with idea of “shattering” the image that made people like me so much. I haven’t gone all the way over to the dark side. I still want (read: need) people to like me… like any actor does, I guess. Please like me…

SS&D: I don’t think there’s any question that we do like you. You make it hard not to! So, do you think “Eden” will ever find that one person who puts her back into the group with her “real” friends? Or is she destined to always be on the outside looking in? Or does she prefer to be on the outside looking in? Do you think she’s actually okay with not being a “relationship Pod-Person” and that’s some relief Catherine and Heather afford her?

Eden: Well, that’s a really fascinating question. I think the girls, for all their bitchiness and STDs, are actually a really positive influence on “Eden.” She may well someday find someone to love and love her back, but when she does she will no longer need that person to complete her. And she won’t be with them only to fit in and have something to talk about with her “pod-person” friends, or because she needs someone to tell her she’s pretty, but because she loves herself and therefore has real love to give. Of course, Catherine and Heather don’t think that’s possible. They think men are just for sex and entertainment. Use one and move on! But they are not totally without feeling. They love their girlfriends and think you should be 100% loyal to them. Even if it means shattering their fantasies and telling them things they don’t want to hear.

SS&D: So, If “Eden” were to find someone and begin a relationship, do you think the “girls” will actually go away, or will they find fault with the man in her life, rather than just being snarky to “Eden’s” real friends? I think they’d find a reason to torpedo the relationship, especially if “Eden” isn’t really sure about the guy.

Eden: The girls will only go away when Eden doesn’t need them anymore. I don’t really want to think about it because it makes me cry. I’ve grown very attached to those bitches.

SS&D: I think we all have. And it’s obvious that this is “Eden’s” subconscious talking when she attributes something to the “bitches” (and it’s also become quite apparent that “Eden” is the only sane one in her circle of friends) and that she’s using Catherine and Heather to say things she never would have said before, including taking shots at everyone’s significant others (like saying that Catherine called the boyfriend’s “losers”). Do you think “Eden” will ever get to the point where she starts speaking so frankly and doesn’t blame Catherine or Heather? That what she blurts out is actually her OWN opinion? It’s apparent that she has a wicked sense of humor.

Eden: Somewhere in there she certainly does have a wicked, like, truly wicked in the old sense of the word, sense of humor. I already think that there have been a few instances of Eden using the bitches to say what she really feels. It’s a convenient way out. Her neuroses seem to give her something of a free pass. There will be a tension between Eden and the IBs. I think they will get very close, and start having a blast with one another, and then Eden will pull away if she feels herself getting to far from the sweet girl she sees herself as (and, essentially is, I think — if maybe a little nutty). It is a very tough transition from sweet girl who lets everyone walk all over her, to confident, secure woman. I am sure there will be plenty of growing pains.

SS&D: Is “Eden” at all concerned about Brooke seeing Dr. Kee?

Eden: She sure is! What a quack! We will touch on that in Episode 11.

SS&D: Do you ever look at the writer/director of Imaginary Bitches and say, “This is crap, I can’t do this.”

Eden: Naw, I look at him and say “Coochie, coochie, coo!” and he says “Not on set, baby!”

SS&D: (laughs) What about, “What’s my motivation?”

Eden: Well, yes on that one. I am a big pain in the ass. I like talking about the character’s motivation for EVERYTHING.

SS&D: Okay, how about, “I’ll do the damn scene as soon as I stop laughing!”

Eden: That’s a huge problem on set. Fortunately in most scenes it’s okay to laugh. It’s real. It’s only when I am repeating something really scandalous that Catherine or Heather said that I have to practice it in the mirror like a hundred times so I can try to say it with an angry look on my face and not tear up laughing. Sometimes they are so funny I could die laughing. There’s a line in Episode 9 (coming up this Friday) [ed.: this eppy actually aired last Friday] that I literally couldn’t get through in any rehearsal. Fortunately I was able to say it once, on shooting day.

SS&D: Hmm, now I’ve got to re-watch the episode and try to figure out which line it was, even though I think I have a good idea of what it was! But your facial expressions are probably some the more brilliant moments on Imaginary Bitches. The eye-rolls, the looks of exasperation, the WTF? moment that was absolutely priceless in episode one. Does this come naturally for you? Or do you practice looking in a mirror until the look is just right? Are you rolling your eyes at me right now?

Eden: I definitely do not need to practice the eye roll. I’ve been doing that my whole life. It’s weird, right? I actually ROLL my eyes! I thought that was just an expression!

SS&D: Well, many times, those eye rolls make the scene without you having to speak a word of dialogue (and I love eye-rolls, they really say so much). Although, Andrew has written some fantastically hilarious stuff, your brother has added some brilliantly hysterical and… icky… stuff. You’ve populated the show with good friends, the crew is family. This is a real labor of love, isn’t it?

Eden: That’s right. That’s why we love it so much. Usually in this business you have to be a big shot before they let you surround yourself with and work with people you really like. But because we’re on the interweb, we can make our own rules. And rule number one is it has to be fun.

SS&D: Would you like to see IB picked up by a network? Do you think it would work as a 30-minute sit-com? Would you even want to be boxed in by the conventionality of network television or is the Internet doing the right job for you?

Eden: I’m not sure how it would translate to the boob tube. I think maybe we would need real bitches (with real boobs). Not sure how this imaginary thing would go over. Man, I’d sure like the opportunity to give it a whirl, though. I know it would work great on the silver screen!

SS&D: I think it would be perfect as a feature length film. Are you hiring? (*ahem* blink *cough*) So… um… How overwhelmed are you by the response? You’re coming up on 4.5 million views on YouTube, not counting the views generated by your MySpace page, fans embedding the clip into their own pages and the IB website. Did you ever think it would actually get this big or is this bigger than your wildest dreams? I think it’s a massive success…

Eden: It’s amazing. We just got featured on the front page of YouTube and got half a million hits over night! That was super fun. It’s amazing to get emails and posts everyday with new people discovering the show and loving it. It means everything to us. This show is a huge part of our life right now. We’re proud of it and all we want is for people to see it.

SS&D: The numbers are proving they are, which is absolutely fantastic. Those numbers are growing with every episode that’s uploaded and your many fans anxiously await every Friday night for the next installment. Not to mention the chats after each new episode, where you graciously give your time to interact with your fans (and have endure the occasional obnoxious idiot). I think this is one of those reasons you’ll never have to worry if your fans like you or not, you make it impossible for us not to.

Check back later this week for the second part of my Q&A with Eden where she answers more of my interminable questions about Bianca, BAM, her new puppy Riley and life with Andrew with her usual grace and dignity…

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Coming Soon – SS&D Q&A with Eden Riegel

Keep an eye out here for Part 1 of my Soap Suds and Duds Q&A with All My Children and Imaginary Bitches star Eden Riegel!!

Eden answers questions about her hit web series, her ground-breaking role on AMC and her happy newlywed status. Part 1 to be posted soon!!

Imaginary Bitches 1×07 – A Spiritual Bitch Bath

In this episode of IB, we meet, Brittany, a failed actress/yoga instructor who managed to steal away Eden’s previous boyfriend. In an attempt to cleanse her spirit and karma of doing Eden wrong, Brittany offers a free yoga class to Eden (and Brooke, who bargains for the extra slot – along with first pick of the yoga mats, the non-sweaty ones). It seems that Eden’s forgiveness is the only way for Brittany to get her spirit back in alignment.

Apparently, when Brittany stole Eden’s boyfriend, all sorts of darkness and bad descended upon her and the only way she could stop the onslaught was to immerse herself in all things new-age. And that darkness and bad wreaking havoc was apparently Eden, or, rather, Eden manifesting in the form of Brittany’s guilt- or karma, because apparently there was a disagreement between her Tarot cards and her rune stones… but it seems that Brittany’s incessant chanting of “Cease to be, scornful, bad-skinned spirit” drove Patrick nuts and he dumped her. And once that happened, the evil spirit went away. So Brittany quit her job to become a full-time yoga and meditation instructor (“You quit being an unemployed actress?” Brook brilliantly snarks) and the only thing that will get her back into spiritual alignment is Eden’s forgiveness.

So Eden takes Brittany up on her offer for a yoga class with Brooke tagging along. And we all know this will not end well… at least for Brittany.

The sad part is it’s apparent Brittany is an exceptional yoga/meditation instructor. She reads Eden’s spirit to such an extent that Catherine and Heather make themselves known to her. She believes them to be spirit guides existing on another plane and is very excited to interact with them.


Upon threat of terrible illness, Katerina and Harriet (aliases for our beloved “Bitches”) encourage Brittany to “cleanse” herself by revealing some rather devastating secrets, despite her desire to offer up other ways of cleansing (Light some incense? Or fast? Buy a Prius?!) Instead, she is forced to admit such things as; she’s sleeping with a yoga student, despite the fact that he takes the class with his current girlfriend and Brittany’s only doing it to get a part in his movie; scamming a student by selling her Earl Grey tea mixed with tree bark; and that she is not astral projecting herself into another student’s subconscious, she’s just charging him for his wet dreams.

Each student storms out of the class, effectively ending Brittany’s career as a yoga/meditation instructor, but not before Eden, and Brooke, enjoy the destruction. When all is said and done, Eden offers up her forgiveness to Brittany, since, hey, Brittany kinda got what she deserved, and Brittany is left with an empty yoga studio…

Karma… it’s a bitch.

Pay close attention to Eden’s facial expressions once Brittany starts letting her secrets out. Our heroine is the picture of innocence, despite the fact that Brittany has read her spirit to such an extent that she’s managed to actually converse with Catherine and Heather! Even Brooke seems to be enjoying the utter devastation Brittany is experiencing before bolting the room with a supposedly non-sweaty yoga mat.

But who’s that guy in the back who never once breaks meditation? He looks like Waiter Guy to me.

P.S. to all the morons who have commented on the episode page on YouTube since it was a featured video the other day. You might try reading the show’s description before watching, crying about it, then posting a rude, obnoxious or just plain disgusting comment. If it’s porn you want, try looking up actual porn sites and stop trolling YouTube to get your jollies. I haven’t seen a pissier bunch of cry-baby 12-year olds in my life. Man, the crap that happens when grade school lets out for the summer… jeez…

P.P.S. I tagged Andrew in this entry and I don’t know why, but, since I don’t want to change my tags, let me just say… I like Andrew Miller. He created this funny show, writes a lot of this funny show and pimped this blog in the last IB Friends email… Plus, he got Eden to curse on tape. Thanks Andrew!