“Doctors Martin?” – Only on All My Children

Only on All My Children… can you go from being a lowly almost med-student one day and a doctor nearly 2 years later…

On today’s episode of All My Children (December 10th, 2008), David got a call from one of his colleagues in Doctors Without Borders. Apparently, David is going to send Tad on a wild goose chase searching for Jeff and Jamie in the Congo because he paid his doctor friend to tell Tad that they’ve gone missing.

The dialogue:

Saad: Dr. Hayward, it’s Saad. How are you?

David: Hello, doctor. So you got my message.

Saad: Yes. It’s good to hear from you again. So you were inquiring about two doctors that we have working out here, Jeff Martin and Jamie Martin?

Jamie is a doctor now?

I guess the colleges and medical schools in Africa are on an accelerated program. Last I checked, when Jamie left Pine Valley, he was barely an intern. Although, they did have him running around PVH in a doctor’s jacket at one point before having him wear scrubs again (or at least the top.)

So when exactly did Jamie graduate med school? Or the more precise question is, when did Jamie complete his undergraduate program before proceeding to achieve his medical degree. He’s only been gone for a year and a half.

Does this mean that when Jamie returns to Pine Valley in the future, should AMC want to bring back the character… he’ll be a certified, licensed doctor?

Only on AMC…


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  1. You’re reading way too deep into a soap opera. When do things ever occur in a realistic time frame in soap land? Never! Take it for what it is worth or switch to primetime. LOL

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