About us

Just some tidbits about us two bloggers. Instead of your general spiel of who were are and what we do, we both answered 5 questions that we asked each other.

About the bloggers:

Mary Beth, from Lenexa, KS:

1. What is the best word that describes your personality?

Irreverent? Yeah, I like that word. Irreverent. Or witty, I want people to laugh and I want to make them laugh.

2. Tell readers one good thing about where you live (and your answer cannot be KU Basketball.)

Jayhawk Basketball… hehe – Okay, life here is comfortable, laid back and easy. It’s a great place to live. Wait, I’ll give you TWO good things about where I live. Izzy and Savannah (my cats.)

3. Is the glass half-full or half empty?

Half full. After surviving cancer, I will always think the glass is half full. I can only be optimistic about life now that I’ve gone through that. And I know that even with what I went through, there are people out there who have had it worse. I have nothing to complain about.

4. Would you call yourself a writer, or just someone who likes to write?

I would love to call myself a writer and I guess because I do write, I am a writer. But I think, in the grand scheme of things, people would say I’m just someone who likes to write… but I’ve been published… does that count?

5. Any dreams in life you still hope to achieve?

I’d love to write for a living. Television, movies, print, anything. The Great American Novel or a CBS sitcom, I dream of that. I want to live for many more years… like decades and decades more. I really want to be a burden on society when I’m old and gray…

About Tracy J, from New York, NY:

1. If you could live anywhere in the world for a year, where would it be?

It’s a toss up between London, England or back in the Philippines. I say London, because I’ve always had an interest in visiting there and would love to just soak up the daily life. I love reading about London and everything it has to offer. My other choice is living in the Philippines, because I have always wanted to learn more about my culture. I only came to appreciate it more in college and with every visit I find myself not wanting to come back to the United States. Life there may not be as easy as it is here, but having the experience to live there would certainly affect my life in more ways than I can ever imagine.

2. If you had $5 million to spend in 5 days, but couldn’t spend it on yourself or your family, what would you do with it?

This sounds like an “Oprah’s Big Give” question. I’d split it in various ways, donating some of the money to charity and yes, it sounds like the typical answer, but it’s what I’d do with it. On the whole, I’d much rather spend the money on people who need the necessary things in life that I already have, like giving a family experiencing hardship, a better roof over their head or help them pay off their debt. I’d give back to the places I got my education from, such as the schools I attended because schools need all they can get to help further the education of their students. Basically, I’d give back and big.

3. Would you rather have one great friend or 5 okay pals?

As long as the 5 okay pals don’t travel in the same circle, then I’d opt for that. It’s always better to have some variety in your life and be able to count on certain people during certain situations, than just the same one person.

4. What is your best childhood memory?

I have one that’s a bit too personal to say… 🙂 So, I’ll answer with winning the 3rd Grade Math Bee.

5. What moment or event in your life has helped define you as a person?

Life is so unpredictable these days, that I can’t honestly pinpoint an exact moment. I shape my life according to whatever stage of it I’m at and whatever gets tossed at me. One thing I do know now is that I’m a “take no shit” kind of person. In college, I was always getting walked on and when I had to quit doing someone I absolutely loved, something I poured my heart into, that changed my life and made me realize that from that point on, I was going to forge my own path and achieve my dreams, no matter the effort. So I guess you can say, college is what helped me shape who I am today.

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