Heard ya the first time, Zach..

So, is it just me, or does Zach seem to be on rinse & repeat lately. Well, the Zach and Reese scenes.  I understand that Reese doesn’t have any other friends in Pine Valley except for Bianca and Zach, which I don’t have too much of a problem with. My gripe here is that every single time Zach and Reese are in scenes together, it’s about the SAME.EXACT.THING.

Zach professes his love for Kendall.

Reese comforts Zach, tells him not to lose hope.

Zach repeats that he is not giving up, his wife is a fighter.

Reese replies that she understands.

Zach walks out of room.

Reese is standing there with a “WTF?!” look on her face.

<Rinse & Repeat> Scene to be done again in a week, just in a different location with variation of dialogue.

Memo to Zach Slater: I love you man, but this brooding is getting old. If you could maybe explain why you must brood and profess your love over and over, that would be a bit of an improvement. Do you feel any sort of guilt for going behind your wife’s back and donating your little swimmers to Bianca? Is that why you need to brood and say you love her over and over?

Speaking of Zach and guilt, I have yet to see him voice any sort of guilt for his part in the creation of Simba Montgomery. Perhaps this need to state his love out loud is his brand of guilt? He’s all about not wanting lies and secrets and yet, he’s has been doing that.

Nah, that’s just a bit too logical.

Kendall… please wake up. *begs* (I miss you Alicia Minshew.)


One Response

  1. Zach has been rather annoying. Am I the only one that can not stand how he says, “my wife?” dude, enough already. And what’s up with Reese and her need to comfort him all the time? Bisexual, perhaps? There is more to that woman than meets the eye. I look forward to her father coming to Pine Valley. Let’s hope she doesn’t have a dysfunctional past similar to crazy Annie’s.

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