A breath of fresh air on GH so far…

I haven’t been an avid GH watcher lately… (blame the Olympics on screwing up my soap viewing at night), but the minute I found out the date of Genie Francis’ return, I marked it on my calendar.

Seeing the Laura and Lulu scenes so far this week (albeit, there haven’t been many yet) are like a breath of fresh air. Seeing Lulu break down in front of her mother and Laura just reaching out, it melted my heart. Laura has indeed woken up from her catatonic state, but it’s because of the meds she is on, as per the ABC Soaps in Depth article. The scenes are simple, yet touching and Julie Berman’s emotion is just perfect at every moment. The mother/daughter chemistry between Genie and Julie is still there and neither has missed a beat yet.

While there isn’t much to comment on yet, except for the fact that it’s touching to see Lulu and Laura interact, I’m sure there will be more to discuss in the coming days. From what I have read, Lulu tells Laura the truth about what happened to Rick Webber, and eventually will open up about what happened with Logan. There are definitely some emotional scenes down the pike.

For now, Laura Spencer is the breath of fresh air needed on GH right now, since it is always under the cloak of mob wars.

Jake & Taylor or Jake & Amanda?

Okay folks… who you prefer?

-Jake & Taylor

-Jake & Amanda


If you want my opinion, I’m not quite sure who I prefer. Sure, Jake Martin is pretty much the only eligible bachelor in Pine Valley right now, but he really doesn’t have much of a choice in women right now either except for those two. And if you really look at both pairings, Jake & Amanda don’t make sense, agewise.  Isn’t Jake just a bit older than Amanda? Or maybe it’s just me that feels that way.

By process of elimination, that leaves Jake & Taylor. To me, ABC is trying to capitalize on the popularity Beth Ehlers and Ricky Paull Goldin had on CBS. Question is… will it work? Just because it worked on CBS doesn’t mean it’ll translate on ABC. It’s a bit of a gamble, but one I’m willing to watch play out

Taylor seems a bit puzzling right now to me. What’s her deal exactly? We know she wants go back to Iraq, but hasn’t been medically cleared to, which has her living in limbo in Pine Valley.  But there’s more to the story here that hasn’t been told yet.

Also, let’s remember, Jake is still harboring a secret, or at least it seems so. He was very closed off on his return to town and has yet to really open up about his work in Africa. Could Taylor be the one to help him do that?

Okay, so I guess I do have a preference.  Jake & Taylor all the way.

Guess who’s coming back to Pine Valley!!

The dastardly David Hayward!!!

Vincent Irizarry returns to AMC

Pine Valley is about to get a bit more interesting again!!!

The Boys of Imaginary Bitches…

For those fans of Imaginary Bitches, and I know you’re out there, you know that after every show, there is a chat on the IB website or, more recently, a video chat on BlogTV. If you have had an opportunity to sit in on these video chats, you know what a riot they are. It’s a great chance to interact with Eden, Liz and Andrew and, most recently, Andrew hosting a little chat with James Kee (the remarkable and slightly creepy Dr. Kee) and Sam Riegel (the uber-funny and incredibly twisted brother of Eden) offering a Q&A session with us fans. I don’t recall a lot of questions being asked, mostly because we fans were too busy laughing to form coherent thought, let alone type out legible sentences.

If you missed the video chat, never fear, it’s available for viewing on http://www.blogtv.com.

Or, you can enjoy it here in all it’s glory!

Boys of IB – blogTV

Enjoy the sights and sounds of Andrew Miller, James Kee and Sam Riegel as they take questions from the viewing audience about the smash Internet series Imaginary Bitches… and wander off topic… frequently…

The Boys of IB

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Observations about GH:Night Shift

So, we’re two episodes in and there’s just one thing that needs griping about.

Dr. Leo Julian…

First, Dominic Raines chose not to reprise his role due to another obligation he wished to pursue. So, who nabs the role? It’s his brother, Ethan Raines. The difference in which the brothers portray the character, Dr. Leo Julian is quite obvious. Aside from the height difference… (Dominic was tall, Ethan… not so much.) It’s the way the character is being written this season.

In Night Shift’s first season, Dr. Julian had a bit of compassion to him. He cared about patients and did not come off as an egotistical maniac. This season, it is the complete opposite. The writing is a complete 180 of the Dr. Leo Julian of Season 1. It seems there was a personality change, or maybe the pod-people abducted Dr. Julian and replaced him with the guy seen on TV now.

Bring back the Leo Julian I once loved!!

In other news, it is also revealed that Leo is adopted and Kyle Julian, is his brother. There seems to be an animosity between the two… much like one child was favored over the other. It’ll be interesting to see how their sibling relationship develops as the season runs its course.

Jagger Cates has returned home to Port Charles and he has a son in tow. Jagger named his son Stone, perhaps as a nod to his late brother who died of AIDS. Great reintroduction back into Port Charles so far and it’ll also be interesting to see if the character can be seamlessly moved beyond Night Shift and onto the actual GH canvas. Not quite sure how to qualify Jagger’s storyline as either the A or B one, since his purpose for being back in PC is to try and possibly make some roots for himself and Stone, but to also maybe seek help for Stone who is diagnosed with Autism.

More observations to come after the next episode that airs tomorrow, Tuesday, August 12, 2008 @ 11pm on Soapnet.

Under Renovation…

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Over the next few weeks, I’ll be refining the design a bit here and there.

Please be patient as the details work themselves out.