Pratt Falls: Episode 10 – Chuck & Julie talk relationships

Not quite sure where the post went… since I am sure it was blogged on Sunday night. But here goes again.

Ellen & Portia are at it again, this time they have infiltrated the lair and overheard Chuck and Julie talk about the relationships on AMC they think will “sizzle” this summer. Yeah… “sizzle”

Also, Julie busts a move talking about how she wants to make the fans wait…


Webby Awards Wrap-up: Eden Riegel receives her award

Eden Riegel was in town to attend the Webby Awards and to receive her award for being the People’s Voice Winner. Last week, Eden held a short contest asking fans to suggest a five word speech, since apparently Eden herself was having trouble coming up with something to say. Out of the pool of suggestions, Eden chose the best 5 and did a poll on the Imaginary Bitches website. And the one with the most votes was Mary Beth’s (who has a knack for coming up with the funniest things to say.)

And here’s a vlog Eden did on the red carpet. Apparently, Catherine & Heather were still a bit jealous they weren’t getting in on any of the spotlight. Typical, since they are bitches after all.

Lastly, Eden did an interview on the red carpet.