Give your friend an “Imaginary Bitch” for Christmas!

Haven’t finished your Christmas shopping yet?

Stuck on what to give your best friend, sister, cousin?

Not sure what to get them?

Well, we have the solution!! What better gift to give than Heather and Catherine!! Seriously <eats chocholate> this Christmas season, why not give them an Imaginary Bitch.  Actually, we mean the “Imaginary Bitches” DVD.

Come on, you know it’ll make a great present. The DVD has all of Season 1’s episodes in their entirety.  Treat your friends to what it’s like to have an imaginary friend. Show them the world of Eden and her crazy cohorts (real and imaginary).

And even more enticing, the DVD has cool extras, like a blooper reel and some behind the scenes interviews and episode commentaries from Eden Riegel, Andrew Miller, Sam Riegel and James Kee.

Spread the love and give your friends and family the “Imaginary Bitches” this holiday season.

On sale now at for the low price of 19.95!


The Boys of Imaginary Bitches…

For those fans of Imaginary Bitches, and I know you’re out there, you know that after every show, there is a chat on the IB website or, more recently, a video chat on BlogTV. If you have had an opportunity to sit in on these video chats, you know what a riot they are. It’s a great chance to interact with Eden, Liz and Andrew and, most recently, Andrew hosting a little chat with James Kee (the remarkable and slightly creepy Dr. Kee) and Sam Riegel (the uber-funny and incredibly twisted brother of Eden) offering a Q&A session with us fans. I don’t recall a lot of questions being asked, mostly because we fans were too busy laughing to form coherent thought, let alone type out legible sentences.

If you missed the video chat, never fear, it’s available for viewing on

Or, you can enjoy it here in all it’s glory!

Boys of IB – blogTV

Enjoy the sights and sounds of Andrew Miller, James Kee and Sam Riegel as they take questions from the viewing audience about the smash Internet series Imaginary Bitches… and wander off topic… frequently…

The Boys of IB

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Word for the day courtesy of Imaginary Bitches – 1×06

In and effort to broaden everyone’s vocabulary, the writers of episode 6 of Imaginary Bitches, Andrew Miller and Sam Riegel, graciously gave us a rant by “Eden” that included the word “smegma.”

Watch it here first, kiddies:

Now go look it up. You will be impressed… and possibly disgusted…

But I guarantee, you will laugh!