Guess who’s coming to Pine Valley!

Quick update since I’m at work, but newsflash!

Eden Riegel (Bianca) will be returning to All My Children. Word is, she’s back on contract. And to add some intrigue, Bianca’s girlfriend from Paris will follow. Nope, it’s not Maggie, but someone new and goes by the name of Reese.

And who’s portraying Reese?  Tamara Braun (ex-Carly, GH).

No word on any story, but with Pratt at the helm, it should be interesting.

Stay tuned for more details!

90210 – Love it or Hate it?

Not sure if it’s still too early to weigh in on the new 90210, but here it goes anyway.

As someone who grew up watching the original and is now exposed to this new brand, I’ve got to say, I like it. Quite honestly, my own reaction surprised me. After missing the initial night of its premiere (due to other obligations),  I was able to view it when the CW re-aired it on Thursday, September 4th.  To make sure I didn’t miss it this time around, I DVR’d it and ended up watching it twice.

Sure, it’s got somewhat of a different take than the original, but that’s what probably makes it so good. If the current production staff were to attempt recreating the original, it wouldn’t have worked so well. It’s great that and definitely a good choice to try and preserve the original show, with having the stars from BH 90210 recur. On the flipside, what makes the show so appealing is how it is not focused solely on the high school kids but mixes in adult storylines, too.

The casting of Lori Loughlin, Rob Estes, Shenae Grimes and Tristan Wilde was a good choice, especially in terms of looks between Lori and Shenae. The resemblance of them playing mother and daughter is believable.  And character-wise, Annie and Dixon play off well as brother and sister.

To me, this version of 90210 is much like a cross between Fox’s “The O.C.” and the N’s “South Of Nowhere.”

Perhaps what makes everything more exciting is the fact that Jennie Garth is recurring as Kelly. Not sure if she’s mentioned as Kelly Taylor, but I’m guessing that’s something which will be revealed as the season progresses. When last we left 90210, Kelly was with Dylan, but now, in the present day, Kelly is single, with a 4 year old son.

Who is the father? That’s the 1 million dollar question.

Suspicions had led me to believe that it was Dylan McKay at first, but when Kelly and Brenda (yes, Shannen Doherty is guest starring for a handful of episodes), my mind thought the father could be Brandon. That assumption came from Kelly mentioning Brandon had called a few days prior at 3am from Belize. Add to that, she also said Brenda hasn’t seen Sammy since he was a baby.


There leaves one more possible person as the father.

Steve Sanders.  Why is he a possibility? Well, because Sammy has a blonde afro. Yeah, shallow assumption, but Kelly also dropped a few more clues in last night’s (9/9/08) episode.  She said Sammy’s father was someone she had a lot of history with in high school and one night, he came back into her life and hooked up. The rest… well, that will most likely be explained as the season progresses.

Silver, rather Erin Silver is quickly becoming my favorite character. Besides being Kelly’s younger sister (as well, as David’s) I like her personality and the character in general. I had thought she’d be this introvert at first, but she’s a good match for Annie in terms of friends. That and she doesn’t have the whole Beverly Hills rich girl vibe.

Other characters… well, they’re eh. Can’t exactly give an analysis yet. It’ll definitely take a few more episodes for me to feel them out.

GH ponderings…

After finally catching up on General Hospital, more so the Lulu & Laura scenes, I’d like to pose this question to viewers who have been watching. 

Is Laura Spencer really awake or is she still catatonic and what we’re seeing is really just Lulu’s imagination showing us what she really wants to see.

After reading Perkie’s observations over at Daytime Confidential, it does bring up a good issue.  Are viewers really just watching Lulu interact with Laura through her own imagination? Laura is telling Lulu everything she wants to hear. Also, Laura seems to respond to Lulu almost instantaneously whenever her presence is in the room. Lastly, why would Laura want to keep her waking up a secret from the rest of the family? 

Hmm… thoughts anyone?