GH ponderings…

After finally catching up on General Hospital, more so the Lulu & Laura scenes, I’d like to pose this question to viewers who have been watching. 

Is Laura Spencer really awake or is she still catatonic and what we’re seeing is really just Lulu’s imagination showing us what she really wants to see.

After reading Perkie’s observations over at Daytime Confidential, it does bring up a good issue.  Are viewers really just watching Lulu interact with Laura through her own imagination? Laura is telling Lulu everything she wants to hear. Also, Laura seems to respond to Lulu almost instantaneously whenever her presence is in the room. Lastly, why would Laura want to keep her waking up a secret from the rest of the family? 

Hmm… thoughts anyone?


A breath of fresh air on GH so far…

I haven’t been an avid GH watcher lately… (blame the Olympics on screwing up my soap viewing at night), but the minute I found out the date of Genie Francis’ return, I marked it on my calendar.

Seeing the Laura and Lulu scenes so far this week (albeit, there haven’t been many yet) are like a breath of fresh air. Seeing Lulu break down in front of her mother and Laura just reaching out, it melted my heart. Laura has indeed woken up from her catatonic state, but it’s because of the meds she is on, as per the ABC Soaps in Depth article. The scenes are simple, yet touching and Julie Berman’s emotion is just perfect at every moment. The mother/daughter chemistry between Genie and Julie is still there and neither has missed a beat yet.

While there isn’t much to comment on yet, except for the fact that it’s touching to see Lulu and Laura interact, I’m sure there will be more to discuss in the coming days. From what I have read, Lulu tells Laura the truth about what happened to Rick Webber, and eventually will open up about what happened with Logan. There are definitely some emotional scenes down the pike.

For now, Laura Spencer is the breath of fresh air needed on GH right now, since it is always under the cloak of mob wars.