Pratt Falls: Episode 10 – Chuck & Julie talk relationships

Not quite sure where the post went… since I am sure it was blogged on Sunday night. But here goes again.

Ellen & Portia are at it again, this time they have infiltrated the lair and overheard Chuck and Julie talk about the relationships on AMC they think will “sizzle” this summer. Yeah… “sizzle”

Also, Julie busts a move talking about how she wants to make the fans wait…

Webby Awards Wrap-up: Eden Riegel receives her award

Eden Riegel was in town to attend the Webby Awards and to receive her award for being the People’s Voice Winner. Last week, Eden held a short contest asking fans to suggest a five word speech, since apparently Eden herself was having trouble coming up with something to say. Out of the pool of suggestions, Eden chose the best 5 and did a poll on the Imaginary Bitches website. And the one with the most votes was Mary Beth’s (who has a knack for coming up with the funniest things to say.)

And here’s a vlog Eden did on the red carpet. Apparently, Catherine & Heather were still a bit jealous they weren’t getting in on any of the spotlight. Typical, since they are bitches after all.

Lastly, Eden did an interview on the red carpet.

Pratt Falls- Episode 9: Tori answers viewer’s questions

Ah, so the infamous Tori, Chuck Pratt’s Executive Assistant does exist! And here I thought she was just Pratt’s imaginary bitch. 😉

Episode 9
: Pratt’s Executive Assistant, Tori, answers viewer mail.

Ba-da-bing. Ba-da-boom!

Congrats to Eden Riegel – Winner of Webby Award- People’s Voice

Sorry for being 12 hours and maybe a day late for reporting this (blame the 9-5 job)… Soap Suds & Duds would like to congratulate Eden Riegel on winning the People’s Voice Webby in this year’s annual Webby Awards. The complete results can be found here.

As stated on Eden Riegel’s Facebook fan page, she thanks all her fans for voting:

Hey Guys! I won! I am a Webby People’s Voice winner! Yahooo! Thank you so much to everyone who voted. My fans are way better than Isabella Rossellini’s!

Again, many congrats to Eden.

And if you haven’t heard yet, Imaginary Bitches is now available for viewing in all its HD glory. Season 1 has been relaunched and you can watch it now on Strike.TV So what are you waiting for? Go re-live the fun in high definition!

Pratt Falls – Episode 7

The pirate-shirted hack continues to share his maniacal plans with JHC.


Episode 7: High level discussions continue at the AMC offices.

Favorite line: “Chuck, I have to ask. As a child were you ever caught sacrificing small puppies to the Prince of Darkness?”

The “Pratt Falls” Geniuses Do an Interview with Michael Fairman

Ellen and Portia, as they like to refer to themselves as, recently did an interview with Michael Fairman at — Michael

Check out the transcript here

Michael also agreed to take part in their virtual world in the interview:

Watch “Imaginary Bitches” in HD!

While we anticipate the launch of Season 2 of “Imaginary Bitches”… the crew at IB central want all their fans to relive Season 1, now in HD!

Episode 1 has been uploaded to Strike.TV and can be viewed by clicking on the following link: Episode 1: It’s Not Easy Making Imaginary New Friends

So what are you waiting for? You know you want to watch it and have a laugh all over again!