WTF? Moments on AMC for the Week Beginning 6/9/08

Recently on All My Children, the writers have been featuring the older, established characters. The venerable veterans who made the show so incredibly popular back in the 90’s, and even waaaay back into the 80’s. Adam, Erica, Jack, Tad, Dixie (albeit dead), Angie, Jesse, Opal, Julia (albeit killed)…

These are the characters we have a bond with, a connection. Long-time viewers grew up with Tad, Dixie, Angie and Jesse. We watched Palmer and Opal fall in love, Adam steamroll his way through the business world, Erica and Jack spend 17 years in an on-again, off-again relationship (mostly off, but when it was on… it was ON).

So, um… WTF?

Why are you teasing us like this?

Don’t you know there are young, nubile characters going to waste on AMC? Didn’t you SORAS Colby (from 5 to early 20’s) just so you could give us more youth angst? (and dumped an ever-evolving Ambyr Childers in order to cast a poor man’s Ambyr Childers lookalike in the role) You’ve brought back Frankie Hubbard (twice now in recent years), cast a young woman to play a street-smart hooker to get involved with the military vet to mine some angst out of that pairing. There’s the Ryan/Annie debacle that’s looming on the horizon, Kenlee/Zachlee/Aidlee/Zendall drama to explore…

So WTF are you doing? Why are you giving us these wonderful stories with veteran stars, all of whom are doing spectacular work? David Canary and Cady McClain during Adam’s haunting… Susan Lucci playing Erica in the Big House (which has been a ton of fun when you let Erica and her fellow inmates interact)… Michael Knight and Cady McClain, living out the life every Tad and Dixie fan wanted to witness (albeit over years, not a single episode), Darnell Williams and Debbie Morgan bringing Jesse and Angie back to Pine Valley after way too long away. Ray McDonnell as Dr. Joe Martin, the Chief of Staff at Pine Valley Hospital as son Tad fights for his life in one room while Joe must deliver devastating news to a friend in another. And Sydney Penny as a dying Julia Santos, knowing there was no way she would survive, wanting to make sure Kathy was taken care of, giving Krystal instructions on what to do, even as her very life slipped away.

That was All My Children as I remember it from my youth and over the decades. Intriguing, emotional, well-script, brilliantly acted… We cared about these characters. We anxiously awaited each new episode to see how they would react, how they would cope, what they would say…

What are you doing getting my hopes up again? That I might think this could become a daily experience once more? That you’d have us believing it will always be this way and we’ll never get mired back in the same old tired storylines that have been hashed and re-hashed over the last year or so…

Seriously… WTF?


Sydney Penny will be a guest on Stardish Radio 5/22/08

I just got a message over on the Sydney Penny Yahoo Group:

Jo Ann, the host of Stardish Radio has invited Sydney Penny as one of her guests at STARDISH on May 22, 2008 at 10:00pm Eastern time. Sydney will be talking with fans and taking their questions.

More details to follow.

Looks like we know where Julia Santos is headed…

Don’t you just hate it when a show works so hard to bring back a fan favorite, only to completely botch their return storyline? And then, after all that hard work of luring the actor back, the show lets the actor/character languish on the backburner only to end up exiting or being let go at the end of their contract because there isn’t any more material to write, or simply, the writers have no idea what to do with the character.

Sydney Penny, who plays Julia Santos on All My Children fell into the quandary mentioned in the above paragraph. After getting Sydney Penny to return from a nine year absence on the soap, she is now leaving after her contact expires. Sadly, AMC really had no idea what to do with her from the start and every time there was potential for a story, it ended up getting shifted to the wayside while another story took precedence.

Today, it was mentioned during the show that Julia will be headed to Australia soon to take a Head Nurse position at a hospital. She is believed to be taking Kathy with her, but as we all know by now, Kathy will not being tagging along with Julia since she will soon be reunited with her biological father, Tad Martin.

It’s sad how AMC wasted the talents of Sydney Penny. She became quite a fan favorite in the mid-nineties, most notably opposite Keith Hamilton Cobb (ex-Noah), with the Noah/Julia pairing. AMC had attempted to test her opposite various hotties on the show and Julia had a refreshing relationship with Jamie Martin for a time, but that didn’t work out and Justin Bruening (ex-Jamie) jetted off to the greener pastures of Hollywood. (He stars in the new Knight Rider show to air this fall, as Mike Traceur.)

Well, as the saying goes, All My Children’s loss will eventually be someone else’s gain. Best of luck to Sydney Penny!