Last we checked… Babe is dead.

Why is it that a dead character seems to get more mentions these days than anything else. Wait, nevermind days, how about the past six months.

It’s a somewhat popular opinion that Babe Chandler wasn’t a favorite character on many All My Children viewers’ lists. Sure, the character worked on the canvas because Alexa Havins breathed a lot of talent into the role (and kudos to Amanda Baker portraying the role), but ever since Babe’s demise, it seems we’ve gotten more mentions now, than when she was still alive.

It’s getting a bit tiresome to hear her name invoked on a daily basis. Babe wasn’t a saint. She came to town and slept with Jamie, when she was already married to JR (and cheated on him with Josh, later on). She kept Bianca’s baby from her, knowingly for nine months. AMC needs to stop with the daily mentions, as though she was a perfect character that everyone loved. No one loved her except for Krystal and JR. David’s so-called love for Babe stems from his wanting revenge on the Chandlers.

Quite honestly, no one cares about Babe, anymore. She’s dead. The mentions need to be six-feet down under, too.


A WTF? moment for All My Children, 11/24/08

So we now discover that Bianca and Reese, who are an amazingly cool and in love couple, don’t even know each other… At all… Yesterday, JR and Bianca had a little run-in and Bianca had to explain to a rather startled Reese about the history they shared concerning a little tumble off a two-story balcony.

Um… WTF?

Reese apparently didn’t know that JR gave Binksy a trip off a balcony in Florida and that Bess was Miranda for, lo those 9+ months? Did she live in a vacuum or not have access to the Internet or tabloids before she got beaned in the melon by a ball in a Paris park? (Seriously, she didn’t head back to her place after the beaning and Google ‘Bianca Montgomery’? Really?) I thought Erica Kane’s lesbian daughter was tabloid fodder all around the world. I mean, that’s what we were led to believe for years after Bianca’s coming out.

But, really, wouldn’t this have been a better exchange?

Reese: What was that all about?

Bianca: Oh, JR had my daughter, who I thought was his daughter, because his wife Babe, who is – or rather was– love, stole her from me for 9 months, this is Miranda I’m talking about here, but actually, she didn’t steal her, we were just lost to each other- anyway JR and I argued, after I Kane-slapped the snot out of Babe, and then JR got mad and we stepped out onto the balcony to chat and he pushed me off, or I jumped, I’m kinda unlcear on the whole thing, and I fell ever so daintily 2 floors and ended up in a coma for a while. They didn’t think I was going to make it, you know. Anyway, Mom finally convinced Adam that Bess was Miranda and brought her to me and, ta da! I woke up. I kinda remember someone whispering in my ear that they loved me, but that’s blurry, too. Did I not tell you any of this after we started dating?

Apparently not, Binks…

So… Reese apparently didn’t and/or still doesn’t know that Bianca offed the man who raped her and impregnated her, creating Miranda. Reese apparently didn’t know about Kendall willing to take the fall for Michael’s murder to hide Bianca’s pregnancy from the world (which, I believe, was because Bianca didn’t want to hurt her mother and become tabloid fodder). Does Cool Reese know that Babe, who is- or rather was– love, stole Miranda and paraded her around town for 9 months as her own daughter and let Bianca be her own child’s godmother, and then Bianca willingly FORGAVE Babe for this, saying that she and Miranda were merely “lost” to one another for the better part of a year?

We’re supposed to believe that this couple, who are living together, raising a daughter together and so in love they decided to have another child, don’t know anything about what has happened in their past? What has formed their will, determination, psyche, psychoses and outlook on life? Reese even said yesterday that she was rather surprised when Bianca got so upset at a man in Paris for shoving the woman he was with… so, Bianca never even told Reese about the woman she had been living with in Paris, who was also the “love of Bianca’s life” and who had been in an abusive relationship that Bianca had been desperate to get her out?

Bianca finally seems concerned of how her sister might react when she learns of Bianca and Zach’s betrayal in order to pop out a kid with a woman she apparently only met about 10 months ago and Reese, in her obliviousness, doesn’t make things any better.

Bianca: You don’t know my sister.

Reese: No, but I know you.

Oh, really? What’s her favorite movie, Reese? Where did she live when she moved out of her mother’s house? Did you know she had a juvenile record for driving while drunk? Did you know she was going to college when she was pregnant with Miranda? Did you know she likes cotton candy and spending the day at the park in the summer? Who was her best friend before Maggie Stone? Do you know how that best friend died? Did you know that Bianca has a history of pyromania? That she has an eating disorder? Was “committed” to another woman at one time? Almost moved to Poland to be with that woman? Stole a baby one Christmas because she was convinced the child was hers? (she was right, by the way, but that’s not the point)

Shall I go on, Reese?

Wow… So, I’ve written a little letter to Charles Pratt, Head hack- er, writer at All My Children. It’s short but rather succinct and to the point. Tell me what you think:

Dear Mr. Pratt,

Can you please explain to me how the super cool couple you created in Reese and Bianca have been living together, had a child together and want to marry know so alarmingly little about each other?

Seriously I would like to know,
Mary Beth

I mean, really… WTF?

Tad to Kathy – “I’m your daddy.”

While it may seem like almost everything on All My Children has gone to the crapper, there is a sliver of hope, giving viewers a moment to smile. Yesterday, Tad told Kathy that he’s her daddy. From the look on the little girl’s face, she’s quite happy that he is her daddy, even though it seems she doesn’t quite understand the logistics of how it all happened. (Look for 20 years of messed up storylines down the road for the child, as stated by Michael E. Knight (with a chuckle)).

It was sweet to see Tad explain how he was searching for his little girl for so many years. What was even sweeter was him telling Kathy that she was right all along, calling her “daddy” when they had first had an encounter. The look on Kathy’s face was of pure innocence and one can’t help but smile watching the scene between them. Tad and Kathy definitely share a father/daughter bond, and it helps that Michael E. Knight and Alexa G. are such pals off screen. Then again, Michael E. Knight is friendly towards everyone that you can’t help but love the guy.

What lies ahead for Tad and Kathy now that they’re reunited? No one knows, but it’ll be interesting to see how the dynamic changes in the Carey/Martin household. Will Krystal be a bit jealous now that Tad has to split his attention between two daughters, Jenny and Kathy?

One thing is for sure, having the Kathy revelation is a breath of fresh air for some, especially since it could show viewer a softer side of JR when it comes to his interaction with her.