An observation about One Life to Live

Riddle me this, when did Adrianna become such a bitch? I can understand being bitchy to someone, but lately, Adrianna has been sporting quite an attitude and it’s not attractive. In keeping track of OLTL (barely), the character has gotten very possessive and territorial when it comes to Rex. In fact, she’s worse than her mother, Dorian *gasp*. And here I thought Dorian was bad when she tried to break up Rex and Adrianna. 

It’s understandable that Adrianna feels threatened by Gigi, Rex’s former love from a long time ago. And she’s suspected all along that Shane is possible Rex’s son, but there’s no need to act like she wants to claw Gigi’s eyes out one minute, then play nice the next minute to please Rex. If you don’t like her, just say so and tell Rex, Adrianna…

Once again, here we have writers on a show making a character unlikable before the actor’s departure (Melissa Gallo is set to leave OLTL sometime soon).  It’s becoming a pattern these days… and maybe someday soon it’ll stop. It’s much better when a character leaves the canvas on better terms.