And the funny keeps on coming… Pratt Falls – Episode 5

No words… just watch.

Episode 5: The writers and producers of All My Children discuss May Sweeps.

It’s quite amusing how this hilarious series mocking the TPTB at All My Children has become an internet sensation. What started as something fun, a way to respond to Charles Pratt’s interview with TV Guide last week now has AMC fans alike wanting more, simply because humor is better than anything that’s happening on screen these days.


More Laughs — AMC: Pratt Falls: Episode 4

And in this episode, Chuckie Pratt discusses his views regarding the fans. These episodes just keep getting better and better. Seriously, no words can describe the funny.

The intrigue continues during high level, top secret discussions in the offices of All My Children. In this episode, Pratt talks about his other ideas for the show.

Episode 4: “Contrary to popular belief the fans love me…”

Carruthers: Were you raised by wolves?


Week 2 of “Defeat Prop 8” Auction kicks off

With week one having concluded late last night, the “Defeat Prop 8” auction, an effort put together by a group of AMC’s Bianca & Reese fans have now unveiled the auction items for Week 2. The first week garnered great success, raising a large amount of money by auctioning off autographed photos of Eden Riegel and Tamara Braun.

As posted at the Defeat Prop 8 blog, the items for the second round have now been posted and word is, there is still one more big item to come.

Stay tuned for more…

Auction items can be viewed here: Week 2

LMAO!! Pratt Falls – Episode 3: What? You don’t like love stories?

They’re at it again! Kudos to o.O and overthemooo at the Bianca & Reese Forum for their insane creativity!!!! It’s definitely a wonderful and hilarious distraction from the craziness at AMC right now.

Pratt and Carruthers talk about more serious problems on the show. The intrigue continues during another secret, high level meeting at the offices of All My Children.

Pratt Falls: Episode 3: What? You don’t like love stories?

“I am the king of romance. ” LMAO!

“The hammer of Thor shall supply the cure.”

Pratt Falls – Episode 2

And the underground meetings continue…

Episode 2: “I shall break up Zach and Kendall…”

“Chuck are you on crack?” *laugh*

And now for something different… Pratt Falls

This hilarious video was passed onto me from a poster at the Bianca & Reese message board. It’s completely based on a ficlet written by another poster (in response to Pratt’s comments from the TV Guide interview earlier this week) and she felt compelled to turn it into a video.

Episode One: Dealing with the exit… we need a plan!
A high level, top-secret discussion being held inside the underground offices of All My Children at ABC studios in NY.

Possible Episode 2 to follow, dealing with the Zendall/Rendall mess…

The Webby Awards Nominates Eden Riegel

Many congrats to Eden Riegel for a well deserved nomination for the Webby Awards. According to TV , Riegel was nominated for her role as Eden on the hit web series, “Imaginary Bitches” which premiered on YouTube last summer.

Among the other nominees include videos from FunnyOrDie, such as “Prop 8: The Musical” which starred Jack Black, Neil Patrick Harris and Maya Rudolph, (and others.)

One more thing — From Nelson Branco at
Imaginary Bitches, — Win an autographed DVD!
• Who says nothing is free anymore? readers can own a piece of imaginary history when they sign on to The Suds Report’s Facebook page for their chance to win an autographed DVD copy of the web hit by the cast and creator, Andrew Miller. All readers have to do is answer this simple question: Which university did creator Andrew Miller attend and meet his future BFF Cameron Mathison (Ryan, AMC) at? A draw will occur on April 17. Inside the DVD will be a signed Season 2 teaser written by imaginary bitches Catherine and Heather.