More Laughs — AMC: Pratt Falls: Episode 4

And in this episode, Chuckie Pratt discusses his views regarding the fans. These episodes just keep getting better and better. Seriously, no words can describe the funny.

The intrigue continues during high level, top secret discussions in the offices of All My Children. In this episode, Pratt talks about his other ideas for the show.

Episode 4: “Contrary to popular belief the fans love me…”

Carruthers: Were you raised by wolves?


Week 2 of “Defeat Prop 8” Auction kicks off

With week one having concluded late last night, the “Defeat Prop 8” auction, an effort put together by a group of AMC’s Bianca & Reese fans have now unveiled the auction items for Week 2. The first week garnered great success, raising a large amount of money by auctioning off autographed photos of Eden Riegel and Tamara Braun.

As posted at the Defeat Prop 8 blog, the items for the second round have now been posted and word is, there is still one more big item to come.

Stay tuned for more…

Auction items can be viewed here: Week 2