Last we checked… Babe is dead.

Why is it that a dead character seems to get more mentions these days than anything else. Wait, nevermind days, how about the past six months.

It’s a somewhat popular opinion that Babe Chandler wasn’t a favorite character on many All My Children viewers’ lists. Sure, the character worked on the canvas because Alexa Havins breathed a lot of talent into the role (and kudos to Amanda Baker portraying the role), but ever since Babe’s demise, it seems we’ve gotten more mentions now, than when she was still alive.

It’s getting a bit tiresome to hear her name invoked on a daily basis. Babe wasn’t a saint. She came to town and slept with Jamie, when she was already married to JR (and cheated on him with Josh, later on). She kept Bianca’s baby from her, knowingly for nine months. AMC needs to stop with the daily mentions, as though she was a perfect character that everyone loved. No one loved her except for Krystal and JR. David’s so-called love for Babe stems from his wanting revenge on the Chandlers.

Quite honestly, no one cares about Babe, anymore. She’s dead. The mentions need to be six-feet down under, too.


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