The 2009 Daytime Emmys will be broadcast on…

The CW Network – according to Daytime Confidential

Well, it’s no rumor that there have been talks of ABC and CBS not wanting to host the awards show. But the CW? Well, guess there were no other options left. NBC took themselves out of the running a few years ago.

Now, when will they be aired? August 31st, 2009. Yes, August 31st, when pre-nominations were just recently announced, the voting process for nominations has started and the list of nominees will be announced in May. Yet, the Daytime Emmys will be at the end of August. Couldn’t the CW find a slot for sometime in June? It’s not like they have that great quality programming going on anyway.

Ah well… looks to be another year where the ratings for the awards show itself will drop. Makes you wonder if Soapnet will still do their Red-Carpet show.


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