Eden Riegel Returns to All My Children on April 24

Several sites and publications are now reporting that Eden Riegel will be making the scheduled short-term return as Bianca Montgomery to All My Children beginning on April 24th. It’s been said that the appearance will last only 2 episodes (whew!) and that Bianca will be leaving the show with Tamara Braun’s Reese Williams. Eden stated in an earlier interview with Soap Opera Digest that “It’s going to end well for Reese and Bianca. Their love is real. I have hope.”

Um… okay… (I think Eden is one of a very few who feel that way…)

More recently, Tamara Braun stated in an Advocate.com interview that she “…was told* it would be a happy ending.”

I’ll be interested to see exactly what Charles Pratt and Brian Frons mean by “happy ending”. It’s already been apparent that re-writes have taken place with viewer uproar over the destruction of more than one character in this storyline, from Bianca and Reese to Kendall and Zach, including removing a second kiss between Reese and Zach, but pressing forward with the idiocy of having Kendall sleep with Ryan. And I’m not really clear on how a 2-episode appearance by Bianca can result in blissful happy ever after with a woman she hasn’t seen in a couple of months, who’s been supposedly “fighting for her” by living in ANOTHER COUNTRY. But we’ve all been witness to Charles Pratt’s sloppy, slapdash writing style with story conclusions occuring mere minutes after first appearing, so who’s to say what will happen? (I mean, I have my dreams for the ending of this storyline, but that’s another blog all together…)

I’ll be even more interested to be able to watch All My Children again, once this once-promising storyline is over and the principals have headed back to France.  Pratt had the chance to tell an incredible story here about same sex marriage and family. Instead, he chose to bugger it up by inserting a man into Bianca and Reese’s orbit, not only as the absurdly written “father” of their child, but as a ROMANTIC DISTRACTION for Reese, the newly minted lesbian. It became less about same-sex relationships and more about Pratt and Frons getting their jollies by watching two women making out before teasing at the possibility of some hetero action next.

I look forward to seeing Eden Riegel on my television again. There is that, at least.

-I make no apologies for my statements, but just to make clear, I am an Eden Riegel fan. I feel Eden was taken advantage of by TIIC at AMC because of her loyalty to the character of Bianca Montgomery and to her fans. This should have been Bianca’s story with Eden as it’s centerpiece, not the morass of ridiculous that it became… but that’s simply my opinion-

*emphasis added by me.


3 Responses

  1. At this point, the only part of the “happy ending” I’m looking forward to is the “ending.” What a waste of Eden Riegel’s talent and of the viewer’s time. And Mary Beth? No apologies needed. I think you’ve summed it up well for the majority of us.

  2. I had not watched AMC until Tamara Braun came on as Reese. I Loved her as Carly on my GH that I watch every day. The writers at AMC are the worst because both Tamara and Eden have just blown me away with their Chemistry . It was such a Beautiful Love Story and the writers just destroyed it with Zach. And now Reese and Bianca are leaving Pine Valley. If they want to save AMC they need to do better than this. Bring these two back soon. When Reese and Bianca leave Pine Valley I will too.

  3. The powers that be etc ON this show have never given Eden the material that she as an actress has time after time she has proven that she could handle. ( With the exception of the Rape storyline way back when ). Then pratt has been reported as haveing said that the reason the REsse and Bianca storyline did not work. ONce agian it is pratt that has dropped the ball where Eden and her poytral of bianca is concered he claims he thougth he had two years when even it had been annoced that eden wou.d only be returning for only a short stint.

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