So, I have a question…

After everything that Annie has done, how exactly will this character be redeemed?

Is she past redemption?

Is there still hope?

Will she remain a loon and just cause havoc in everyone’s lives?

Okay, so that was more than one question, but it’s something worth pondering. Understandably, every soap needs a resident loon. All My Children had that many moons ago in the form of Janet Green. My memory is fuzzy but I recall her tossing Natalie, her sister down a well and leaving her there. And then there was the time she was committed, got some plastic surgery giving her a new face and she paraded around as Jane Cox. She inserted herself into Trevor Dillon’s life, as well as his family’s, because she shared a daughter (Amanda) with him.

During that time, Harold the dog (Timmy and Amanda’s dog) sensed something fishy so Janet drugged him and had the poor pooch shipped away in a truck. Fast forward a little bit, Trevor learns the truth, but somehow Janet was redeemed. Don’t ask me how, because I can’t remember.

Anyhow, cut to who we have today, Annie Lavery. Is there any viable way for this character to be taken seriously anymore? Then again, one must wonder if Annie is really a loon or if this is all an act.

And after all is said it done, it really makes you wonder who was the crazier of the two — Annie or her brother, Richie.

Perhaps they’re equally loony.

Poor Emma, though. The little girl is probably the biggest victim in all of this.

Anyone want to chip in for the child’s therapy bills?


4 Responses

  1. Janet was redeemed because she risked her own life to save Amanda. Amanda had seen on the news that Janet was her mother and had thrown Natalie down the well, so she went to the well and fell in. Janet figured out where she went and climbed down in there after her, but then she couldn’t get her out. Trevor figured it out and went after them. Rescue crews said there was no way to get them out (I think after the walls of the well had started caving in) but Trevor wouldn’t give up. He tunneled and got Amanda out. Janet told him to just leave her there because it was too risky for him to come back and get her, but he did it anyway. He was truly touched that her love for her daughter was sincere and that she’d put her own life at risk that way. After he got her out he got everybody else to cut her a break because of that and because he thought it would be better for Amanda to have a relationship with her mother.

    I can easily see Annie being redeemed like Janet was…and then reverting to crazy again when the writers want to shake things up. She’s the Crazy Lady for the next generation!

  2. Thank you for explaining that Donna! You rock!

    Plus, I wasn’t all into AMC back then… so your history lesson is greatly appreciated!

  3. I sure hope that she can be redeemed because I really like her character now. I missed all the Terry stuff so when I first started watching she was, I think Greenlee called her, “Pollyannie.” So yeah, if they can redeem her just enough to keep her on the show and not send her to Oak Haven never to be heard from again. I think she’s unbalanced, but I think she’s very aware of everything she’s doing. I don’t think her tears/wet cheeks when she was talking to Ryan about their “wedding” were from real emotions. Definitely strategically pulled out tears of manipulation. I also think she’s pretending to be crazier than she is so that they’ll be easier on her.

  4. I think Annie can be redeemed. They could easily spin her mental breakdown as solely being caused by her failed marriage and the terror not only her brother put her through, but the emotional havoc her first marriage caused all could have been what pushed her over the edge. She’s always showed signs of being a bit unstable when under stress. Let us not forget she shot Ryan during the time she was hiding from Terry mistakenly. I am looking forward to the further develoment of the character. The actress is doing a phenomenal job!

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