Observations about GH:Night Shift

So, we’re two episodes in and there’s just one thing that needs griping about.

Dr. Leo Julian…

First, Dominic Raines chose not to reprise his role due to another obligation he wished to pursue. So, who nabs the role? It’s his brother, Ethan Raines. The difference in which the brothers portray the character, Dr. Leo Julian is quite obvious. Aside from the height difference… (Dominic was tall, Ethan… not so much.) It’s the way the character is being written this season.

In Night Shift’s first season, Dr. Julian had a bit of compassion to him. He cared about patients and did not come off as an egotistical maniac. This season, it is the complete opposite. The writing is a complete 180 of the Dr. Leo Julian of Season 1. It seems there was a personality change, or maybe the pod-people abducted Dr. Julian and replaced him with the guy seen on TV now.

Bring back the Leo Julian I once loved!!

In other news, it is also revealed that Leo is adopted and Kyle Julian, is his brother. There seems to be an animosity between the two… much like one child was favored over the other. It’ll be interesting to see how their sibling relationship develops as the season runs its course.

Jagger Cates has returned home to Port Charles and he has a son in tow. Jagger named his son Stone, perhaps as a nod to his late brother who died of AIDS. Great reintroduction back into Port Charles so far and it’ll also be interesting to see if the character can be seamlessly moved beyond Night Shift and onto the actual GH canvas. Not quite sure how to qualify Jagger’s storyline as either the A or B one, since his purpose for being back in PC is to try and possibly make some roots for himself and Stone, but to also maybe seek help for Stone who is diagnosed with Autism.

More observations to come after the next episode that airs tomorrow, Tuesday, August 12, 2008 @ 11pm on Soapnet.


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