Tad to Kathy – “I’m your daddy.”

While it may seem like almost everything on All My Children has gone to the crapper, there is a sliver of hope, giving viewers a moment to smile. Yesterday, Tad told Kathy that he’s her daddy. From the look on the little girl’s face, she’s quite happy that he is her daddy, even though it seems she doesn’t quite understand the logistics of how it all happened. (Look for 20 years of messed up storylines down the road for the child, as stated by Michael E. Knight (with a chuckle)).

It was sweet to see Tad explain how he was searching for his little girl for so many years. What was even sweeter was him telling Kathy that she was right all along, calling her “daddy” when they had first had an encounter. The look on Kathy’s face was of pure innocence and one can’t help but smile watching the scene between them. Tad and Kathy definitely share a father/daughter bond, and it helps that Michael E. Knight and Alexa G. are such pals off screen. Then again, Michael E. Knight is friendly towards everyone that you can’t help but love the guy.

What lies ahead for Tad and Kathy now that they’re reunited? No one knows, but it’ll be interesting to see how the dynamic changes in the Carey/Martin household. Will Krystal be a bit jealous now that Tad has to split his attention between two daughters, Jenny and Kathy?

One thing is for sure, having the Kathy revelation is a breath of fresh air for some, especially since it could show viewer a softer side of JR when it comes to his interaction with her.