Imaginary Bitches 1×06 – Imaginary Sex

In connection to the previous post, where Mary Beth lists the word of the day, it’s time to review (albeit give the gist) of last Friday’s episode.

Apparently, Eden seems to be the only sane one in this whole episode. Brooke has sent her friend to see Dr. Kee, in an effort to find out why Eden is seeing “dead people.” Eden quickly corrects the doc and says that she’s seeing imaginary people, more so has imaginary friends. Dr. Kee renders the patient as possibly having “persona conflicta” in addition to making many references to his book. (Gee, product placement much, LOL.)

And of course, Heather and Catherine decide to crash the therapy session. No surprise here, though… as they start their little commentary, with Eden pretty much relaying everything their saying. Dr. Kee seems to either be amazed, annoyed or turned on by the Bitches, or maybe just Catherine and proceeds to send everyone away, except for Catherine.

I hope Eden didn’t pay for a full session since she was only in his office for 3 minutes. Then again, with how much of a quack Dr James Kee comes off as, it makes you wonder why Brooke is seeing him.

Watch and see why…

This was yet another episode that never ceases to crack viewers up. Sam Riegel had a hand in writing this episode and apparently, was responsible for the “word of the day” in our previous post. To put it boldly, Eden Riegel has stated that her brother is “GROSS!” as she told the loyal viewers in post-episode chat.

It’s great to see how each episode tackles something new. The story is continuous, but each episode brings something new to the table. Perhaps that is the best thing this show has going for them right now, nothing is repetitive and the writers are constantly giving viewers different views on the reactions to Eden’s new friends, the Bitches.

And with each passing episode, it’s become clearer and clearer that Eden is the sane one in all this craziness. In my opinion, Heather and Catherine are the best things that have happened to Eden. It’s made her more outspoken and more confident in a way. Let’s see what the coming episodes bring out in Eden, or rather what else the Bitches bring out from Eden.

On another note, since it has been mentioned (again during post-episode chat with Eden and Andrew) that Dr. Kee is an expert in self-love… maybe Mark should make an appointment with the doc. They do have something in common.

Watch Episode 7 of Imaginary Bitches this Friday, June 13 at 11 p.m. ET, 8 p.m. PT.

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