Greenlee and Jake? Possibility?

Is there a guy on the Pine Valley canvas that Greenlee hasn’t been with? (Tad, Adam and the older sector of Pine Valley excluded from the list.)

In today’s ever going merry-go-round of Greenlee’s woes on AMC, she is seen with Jake Martin. Now, if you recall, Greenlee and Jake were an item a while back. They broke up for reasons this writer cannot remember and now they’re sharing a screen again. Could today be the setting for another opportunity at the coupling again? Who knows… but if the chemistry is there, All My Children should seize it.

Forget Ryan and Greenlee 2.0.

Forget Aidan and Greenlee.

It’s time to give Greenlee a chance with a man outside of the infamous sextet that has been gracing screens for the past six months. Unfortunately, it leaves the dashing Aidan Devane out of luck once again, (poor guy never has any luck with women) but it gives Greenlee an opportunity to be outside of the orbits of Ryan, Kendall and Zach, for a period of time.

Ricky Paull Goldin and Rebecca Budig have the talent, the looks and the chemistry to pull off this pairing. If anything, Jake’s edge right now (which RPG is playing so very well) is probably one of the reasons why the pairing would work. Greenlee needs a man in her life that can put her in her place every now and then. Aidan did a little bit of that to some extent, but after a while, it seemed like he became a puppy dog to Greenlee. It’s time for another man to try his manly hands with the high-maintenance woman.  It’ll be interesting to see what AMC can do with the two of them and how everyone around them reacts.

Let Greenlee break out of the sextet orbit. Give Greenlee and Jake a chance.


One Response

  1. Greenlee and Jake broke up because she always loved Leo and Jake had enough.

    I like the idea of RPG and Greenlee but I want to see the chemistry first. It’s too bad for Aiden Turner who had great chemistry with Sabine Singh (ex-Greenlee) and none with Rebecca.

    What would be super interesting is if Beth Elhers is cast as Jake’s wife Carolyn…given time this could create a new triangle. Also with Greenlee being the selfish wench she is it would make for a firecracker love story. JMHO. Love your blog by the by!

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