Imaginary Bitches 1×05 – Fantasy Girl

Last week on Imaginary Bitches, Eden’s real friends decided an intervention was necessary to save her from her “imaginary friends”. Seems that Brooke took it upon herself to enlighten Lizzie and Connie about Eden’s new playmates and they decided an intervention was the way to go. It was their brilliant idea to set her up with a co-worker of Connie’s, played by the talented and adorable Greg Rikaart of The Young and the Restless, in a decided departure from his daytime gig. The “girls” weren’t too pleased with the idea, tossing off a couple of rude comments along the way, including a viciously catty remark aimed at Connie (Connie: “Are they here now? Should we find a psychic to do a séance or something?” Eden: “No, they’re here. In fact, Catherine is suggesting you get a psychic to see if there’s a good haircut in your future.”), to which both Lizzie and Brooke have subtle, yet pointed, reactions to.

Connie is the target of another deliberately rude comment not much later, after the girls have insisted to Eden that they’re going to get her a boyfriend so she can be part of the club again (Connie: “Wait. Can they have boyfriends?” Eden: “Catherine says yes. But different kinds of boyfriends than you guys have. Not losers.”)

Eden’s “real” friends have taken the blame for Catherine and Heather’s appearances, knowing they’ve left Eden out of a lot of their activities due to her single status and are going to remedy the situation by fixing Eden up with Mark, who works in Connie’s office. Seems Mark has been too busy working on his career to get into a real relationship, but now that he’s successful, he’s ready to “concentrate on the rest of his life!”

Eden is more than willing, since it gets her out of another Saturday night doing “imaginary make-overs.”

So, Eden and Mark arrive back at Eden’s post-date for drinks (“Wine? Beer? Root vegetable organic drink that tastes like death?”) and some talk.

Well, now we know why Mark has been too busy for a relationship. He’s involved in Second Life on the Internet. Has a whole other life and everything. Brett… a professional pitcher/alternative rock star/community activist with a firm handshake. And he has the audacity to mock Eden’s two “friends” (Eden: “Hey, don’t get all high and mighty on me, pal. You’re the one doing imaginary work for imaginary money to take your imaginary self to an imaginary concert!”)? Here Eden tosses off a picture perfect eye-roll that speaks volumes on her opinion of Brett, but because she’s innocent soft-spoken Eden, Catherine comes to the rescue and immediately insults “Brett”, claiming, among other things, that a firm handshake is the sign of giving a lot of hand jobs.

Heather, on the other hand, thinks “Brett” sounds hot and as Eden sexily explains to Mark Heather’s fantasy about baseball, including Heather playing “catcher” (which doesn’t involve the sport of baseball in the slightest, but does include using ones hand to appear to give signals) Mark begins to think their two “make-believe” worlds could be very compatible. Even if Eden’s is easier to access than his.

Sadly, at this point, Mark’s work interrupts and rather than heading home, he asks if he can borrow Eden’s computer.

This is where the date takes a decidedly bad turn…

Watch here and enjoy:

In this episode, Eden Riegel once again creates a very realistic rapport with her “imaginary” friends. Her interaction with Catherine and Heather is so believable that her friends, and even her date, are utterly convinced they are in the room with them. And their responses and reactions to these one-sided conversations is what propels this show along. The way Eden sells the interaction, carrying on two conversations, one with real people, one with imaginary ones, has everyone believing her. We also finally get a physical description of one of Eden’s bitchy friends, Heather, who is a dirty blonde with perky… everything (and who sounds a little like Maggie Stone from All My Children, except for being much taller).

And this episode gave us some of the best eye-rolls ever committed to film, or Internet, something that Eden Riegel excels at.

It appears with each passing episode that the “Bitches” are getting stronger as Eden begins to, I truly believe, enjoy this new side to her psyche. She’s apparently been quiet and unassuming in the past.

Not anymore… Eden is letting her inner bitch come out to play…



A WTF? Moment for All My Children, June 2, 2008 Edition

So, Monday’s episode of All My Children found Tad Martin in a deep sleep that allowed him and ghostDixie to live out their lives had the idiots in cha- er, the powers that be at AMC not killed off Dixie by means of pancake in the winter of 2007. Tad and Dixie married, had Kate to raise, watched her grow and blossom, marry and give birth, and through it all Tad and Dixie had that wonderful sense of humor and obvious affection for each other that the fans always seemed to enjoy.


These wonderful scenes of one of the most popular couples on daytime television almost gives AMC a pass for this week, but, nope, they just couldn’t help themselves.

Tad was ready, willing and able, in his unconscious state, to give it all up to venture with Dixie into eternity. He actually had no qualms about it. Given the chance, I think he would have left a vapor trail getting the hell, as it were, out of Pine Valley. But just as Tad prepared to “go into the light” with Dixie, here comes Adam. Because, you know, Adam can’t let someone else have all of the spotlight, even someone with a tube down his throat. He’s going to save Tad’s life by whispering three little words into Tad’s ear.

No, not “I love you”, which, honestly, would have made for a much more interesting storyline, but “Kathy is Kate”.

And he does just this. At which point, Dixie realizes her time with Tad is up and she quickly disappears into the mist. Tad miraculously opens his eyes, in Pine Valley Hospital recovering from a gunshot wound that nearly killed him, back in the land of the living murmuring “Kate?” who is Kathy, who really is Kate…

WTF? Really? Haven’t we seen this before? Twice?

Please tell me the writers couldn’t dream up a better – or at least somewhat new and original – scenario for getting Tad and Kate together… please tell me they didn’t use the “give them their missing child and they’ll magically wake up from their very deep, very tired sleep” routine…

Nope… they did…

Didn’t this tactic already get used when Bianca was in her coma and Miranda was still Bess? Didn’t Adam do the right thing then, too, and hand the baby over to Erica, who so lovingly put her in a failing Bianca’s arms, imploring her to wake up because Miranda was alive and wake up she did (quite perkily and fresh-looking, I might add) murmuring Miranda’s name, much like Tad just did?

Except, he murmured “Kate?” instead of “Miranda?” but it was basically the exact same scene

Oh, wait, didn’t Kendall come out of her coma (what is it with Kane women and comas anyway?) when implored by loved ones to fight for Spike and Ian? Including Bianca, who knows first hand how well this particular tactic actually works?

Are you kidding me? The writing staff at AMC couldn’t have come up with something we haven’t seen already? This is as original as they can get? Is it really that freakin’ hard?

How about, Tad wakes up and he’s very woozy and Adam taunts him, thinking he’s going to die any minute, that Kathy is Kate. Or, how about Adam’s got his back to Tad and is telling someone, in that delightfully condescending way that he has, that Kathy is Kate just as Tad comes out of the his coma and just happens overhears this revelation.

See? In a couple minutes, I came up with a couple new and different ways to accomplish this reveal. Not exactly brand spanking new, but something a little different…

Okay, so, they want to give us Tad and Dixie, for which I am grateful, but with this scenario they tossed off, Dixie didn’t even get a fantastic exit! They both hear Adam’s declaration, Dixie knows it’s over and *poof*, she’s gone, disappearing into the mist (instead of the light that Tad wanted to head into, but, hey, that’s really being nit-picky).

Kinda like when they killed Dixie initially… No fantastic exit, just a breakfast of peanut butter-banana pancakes (which, really, yuck). Why didn’t they put her in a coma so that one day, after Tad figured out that Kathy was Kate, he could go to her beside, put the little girl in Dixie’s arms and whisper “It’s Kate, Dixie. Kathy is your Kate.”

And, miracles! Dixie awakens…

Now wouldn’t that have been more original?