Soaps are known for treading new ground, often times being original and going where no other show has gone before. That doesn’t seem to be the case anymore, since it seems there is one writer for all three shows, alternating which storyline should appear where and during what time frame.

Your prime example – the ghostly hauntings on GH and now, AMC.

GH had Alan Quartermaine stick around and haunt his sister, Tracy due to what she did with the Quartermaine fortune. For days, weeks on end, he’d sit in his chair, wearing sweats and taunt Tracy. The family thought she was going mad and eventually had her committed, and even there, he appeared to her, too. Alan’s reason for haunting Tracy — to get her to admit what she did to Alan’s will, changing who would inherit what.

Is Alan still around? Not quite sure since he hasn’t been seen lately… then again, maybe GH decided he was of no use anymore.

And now, we have AMC — Dixie has decided to haunt Adam into telling Tad the truth about Kathy, who is really Kate Martin. For the last 2 weeks, Dixie has been appearing to Adam wherever he goes, taunting him, blowing cold breezes, slamming doors and setting his suits on fire (I think Alan made it storm once on GH… I can’t remember.) But anyhow, what takes the cake is that Adam gets committed too! His family ships him off to the loony bin, just like Tracy had been shipped off by her family.

While at the loony bin, Adam receives yet another visit from Ghost Dixie, just like well… you know…

Seems so “original,” huh? Yeah, I didn’t think so either. And ghostly hauntings aren’t the only storylines that the ABC soaps have shared… but that can be saved for another entry on another day.


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