May Sweeps or May Sleeps?

It’s May Sweeps, isn’t it?

If so, then why has ABC’s soaps been sleep inducing lately?  Okay, so not everything is sleep inducing, but the storylines seem to be lacking that ‘umph’ factor to keep us at the edge of our seats.  One would think April would be the build to those “edge of your seat” stories that will air in May, but lately that hasn’t been the case. The build has been painfully slow throughout this month. And it isn’t really all that interesting.

That’s not to say that Cady McClain’s current stint as ghost Dixie isn’t exciting, because it is quite honestly enjoyable to watch. Who doesn’t enjoy watching Adam being tormented.  But other than that, there isn’t much to get excited about.  Angie and Jesse are getting married again, but it seems no one is making a big issue about it.  And amidst all this, Uncle Rob Gardner is on a search for a toy elephant that supposedly has diamonds or something in it? Hmm… okay.

On OLTL, we’ve got the Adrianna/Rex/Gigi stuff going on…. with Adrianna going to all lengths to ruin Gigi’s life.  And then we have the Manning family and their ongoing Starr drama. Please don’t get me started on the obssessive father Todd is. On the upside, at least Tuc Watkins is making appearances as David Vickers. He’s always the comic relief needed during those sleep inducing moments.

And lastly, on GH.  Mob…mob… and more mob… The fallout of Michael being shot continues. Carly cries…and cries some more (Laura Wright is doing a fabulous job, though.) And the fallout just keeps going… and going… and going.

Someone wake me when there’s something good happening.


One Response

  1. Though I do agree, some of the storylines have been carried out a bit too far, I have to say I enjoyed May Sweeps and all that has come after it. OLTL is especially getting really good – and they have some great characters coming back. Thanks for the good read 🙂

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