Imaginary Bitches 1×02 – Dirty Girls

Photo courtesy of Imaginary Bitches MySpace

The show just keeps getting better and better! And even though it’s only the second episode, I have to ask the question… How does Eden (the actress, not the character) do it? She doesn’t miss a beat when it comes to having scenes opposite herself and makes it all so believable. On that same token, I could not stop laughing at the conversations and the witty lines Eden delivered in this episode.

Episode 2 – Dirty Girls, mainly featured Eden (the character now, not the actress) having a long, in-depth (in my opinion) and bitchy conversation with Catherine and Heather, who enters midway through. Eden shows up at Lizzie’s place, ready to go shopping but Lizzie asks to wait an extra few minutes so she can look up a recipe on the Internet. Apparently, Lizzie cooks and is having a couples dinner party the next night. She invited Eden and told her to bring Waiter Guy, but Eden declines, mentioning the date with Waiter Guy didn’t end too well (and we know how that ended.).

While waiting, Catherine and Heather pop up and that’s when the ruckus began. Insults shoot back and forth… between the Bitches (Catherine and Heather), while Eden tries to find a reason for every naughty, snotty thing the Bitches are saying. Amidst all this, Lizzie asks Eden if she still wants to come to the dinner party. Eden suggests that Lizzie calls a guy from her office, who apparently is super-cheesy and slept around with every girl, claiming it’d be something different for her (Eden.) Lizzie disappears again to find that recipe.

Bitchy banter ensues… Eden ends up playing referee and viewers are left laughing at the hilarity on screen. For two characters that cannot be seen, it sure is fun seeing Eden hold conversations with pillows and a chair… talk about snotty, naughty and bitchy!

Hmm… now I wonder what Eden did with the rest of her day, though.

Episode 3 of “Imaginary Bitches” airs this Friday, May 16th at 11:00 p.m. Eastern.

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