Looks like we know where Julia Santos is headed…

Don’t you just hate it when a show works so hard to bring back a fan favorite, only to completely botch their return storyline? And then, after all that hard work of luring the actor back, the show lets the actor/character languish on the backburner only to end up exiting or being let go at the end of their contract because there isn’t any more material to write, or simply, the writers have no idea what to do with the character.

Sydney Penny, who plays Julia Santos on All My Children fell into the quandary mentioned in the above paragraph. After getting Sydney Penny to return from a nine year absence on the soap, she is now leaving after her contact expires. Sadly, AMC really had no idea what to do with her from the start and every time there was potential for a story, it ended up getting shifted to the wayside while another story took precedence.

Today, it was mentioned during the show that Julia will be headed to Australia soon to take a Head Nurse position at a hospital. She is believed to be taking Kathy with her, but as we all know by now, Kathy will not being tagging along with Julia since she will soon be reunited with her biological father, Tad Martin.

It’s sad how AMC wasted the talents of Sydney Penny. She became quite a fan favorite in the mid-nineties, most notably opposite Keith Hamilton Cobb (ex-Noah), with the Noah/Julia pairing. AMC had attempted to test her opposite various hotties on the show and Julia had a refreshing relationship with Jamie Martin for a time, but that didn’t work out and Justin Bruening (ex-Jamie) jetted off to the greener pastures of Hollywood. (He stars in the new Knight Rider show to air this fall, as Mike Traceur.)

Well, as the saying goes, All My Children’s loss will eventually be someone else’s gain. Best of luck to Sydney Penny!


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