Emily’s final goodbye

photo courtesy of willowfriend.com

Today, another Quartermaine will officially say goodbye on General Hospital. Natalia Livingston, who portrays Emily Quartermaine makes her final appearance to Nikolas before his surgery to remove that pesky tumor in his brain.

Last week, Nikolas was able to have one last dance with Emily, one that brought tears to both their eyes. GH has a knack for writing magical scenes on occasion and this was definitely one of them. It was an emotional tugging of the heartstrings and brought every hopeless romantic to tears. In essence, Nikolas was given one last chance to have a dance with his beloved Emily.

Natalia Livingston and Tyler Christopher sold the scenes perfectly, their emotions so very palpable as Nikolas struggled with the reality that he needed to move on with his life and heal. Living in the past and in his head was no longer an option and as much as he enjoyed seeing Emily, albeit a hallucination, this could no go on forever. Throughout these final moments, watching them dance, hold each other and cry, one could not help but feel for them. No one ever wants to say goodbye and with the fact that Emily was simply a vision in Nikolas’ head, it only made it harder for him to get a grip on reality and realize that he needed to live life.

Scene by scene, Nikolas and Emily allowed the viewers to dance with them and ultimately cry. Nikolas wishing he had more time with Emily, trying to find the crossroads where he could have made that one decision which could have changed their future. Emily, being Emily reminded Nikolas that there was no use in thinking about the past and that he has the future to make things better for himself. And even though she was no longer physically with him, she’d always be in his heart. What topped it all off was the music montage to Lifehouse’s “Broken”, whose lyrics truly describe what Nikolas was feeling as he said his final goodbye to Emily.

“I’m falling apart, I’m barely breathing. With a broken heart, that’s still beating.”

In so many words, the above lyric best describes how broken Nikolas has felt in the last few months. Will Nikolas ever love again? Who knows. Emily reminded him that life does go on and that he will love again, despite his enormous love for her.

From a fan perspective of this couple, I wish GH had never made the decision to kill Emily. It has been such a pleasure to see Nikolas and Emily come together, break apart and slowly come together again, without anything being forced (their last reunification before Emily’s murder.) Couples deserve their happily ever after and while Emily told Nikolas that “happily ever after” was only for fairy tales and they were not a fairy tale couple… I’m inclined to believe they were in a way.


2 Responses

  1. There was another song that was shown on the previews last week does anyone what song it is. It show Nikolas and Emily dancing. Was a female singer

  2. If you mean the previews from Soapnet, the song is called “Bleeding Love” by Leona Lewis.

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