Imaginary Bitches 1×01 – Eden Gets Bitch-slapped

Photo courtesy of Imaginary Bitches MySpace

And now for my perspective of the first episode of “Imaginary Bitches”

It’s not easy making imaginary friends…

Honestly, it isn’t, because if you look at Eden (the character, not the actress, Eden Riegel), in the new web series, “Imaginary Bitches”… she’s having a hell of a time trying to understand them. Let alone, they sure are opinionated. I guess that’s why they’re bitches. *ba-dum-bum!* Caitlin said Waiter Guy’s t-shirt looked gay, while Catherine is telling Eden to move on, because long term relationships are out and one night stands are in, so next! And amidst all of that, we have Eden’s best friends doing all those couple-ly things like couples pottery (huh?), sex (ha! yeah, well yes this should be couple-ly…) and being all romantic with each other.

What has Eden been doing? Pretty much nothing. Well, except making new friends, who are imaginary and are turning out to be bitches. But hey, at least she’s got a way to get all her thoughts out because she can’t relate to Lizzie, Connie and Brooke.

She finds herself feeling a bit out of place amongst her friends, who are all in serious relationships. Trying to find a way to cope, Eden catches the eye of one of the waiters at the restaurant they are dining at, aptly coined as “Waiter Guy” and ends up sleeping with him that same night. Cut to the next morning as Eden basks in the afterglow of her night, while Waiter Guy is asleep, with a trail of drool hanging out of his mouth. She quietly gets out of bed and giddily calls her friends to let them know about the night she had, but isn’t able to “kiss and tell” because they’re all busy… with their significant others.

Cue the imaginary friends.

Catherine makes her grand appearance…well, not really, but they do to Eden and she babbles on and on to them until Waiter Guy finds her in the living room, talking to herself. Not sure how to reply, Eden just tells him the truth and while Waiter Guy finds is a little amusing at first (or maybe not so amusing), he really doesn’t take it well when Caitlin…er Catherine comments on the t-shirt he’s wearing. Okay, Eden was the one who verbalized it, but she claimed Catherine…or was it Caitlin (?) told her. And at that point, it is when Waiter Guy realizes Eden has gone from “cute to bat-shit crazy in 5 seconds.”

Any chance of a second date for Eden… gone.

Bitchy, huh? At least the girls don’t hold back.

“Imaginary Bitches” is destined to be a hit on the web. With the premiere episode garnering over 100,000 hits on youtube, it’s a clear indication that with an idea, talent and dedicated actors who are your closest friends and willing to go at it, then fans will definitely watch.

It’s quite refreshing to see this comedic side of lead star Eden Riegel. I always knew she was talented, because hello… Emmy and seeing her show viewers a side of her acting personality that isn’t immersed in so much drama is such a sight. It’s about time Eden kicks back and shows fans that she can do comedy and drop a swear word or two here and there.

Liz Hendrickson’s myspace profile describes Andrew Miller, Eden’s husband and creator of “Imaginary Bitches” as ‘close to perfect’ and I can see why. Miller has a talent for writing a witty script with a subtle snark here and there. And the script translates wonderfully as the cast delivers every scene with great comedic timing and talent. Eden informed fans during a post-show chat that he was a former actor and now a full-time writer… and I must say, Mr. Miller…Andrew, if I may call you that, keep on writing because you have a hit on your hands. The script for the first episode was great and I look forward to every episode that is coming our way.

The only complaint I have seen so far is with regards to the shortness of the episode. I can sympathize with that sentiment, but I’m not going to complain too much about it. I’ve missed seeing my favorite actresses Eden Riegel and Elizabeth Hendrickson sharing the same screen and now that I have that again, I’ll cherish every moment I can get.

Overall, I give this episode 4 out of 4 stars.

The next episode of “Imaginary Bitches” ares on Friday, May 9th at 11:00 p.m. Eastern. Be there! And spread the word!

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