To SORAS or not to SORAS, that is the question…

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Soap Opera Rapid Aging Syndrome, also known as SORAS. Let’s face it, fellow viewers, SORAS-ing child characters on soaps is bound to happen at one time or another. And it can work if say, the character has been away for a number of years (I’d say 5 is a nice round number to start with) and they get aged up to a feasible…lack for a better word, age. But aging a character in a span of a week or a year is just uncalled for. Not only that, it just doesn’t make sense.

For example, Maddie and Sam Grey, the children of former supercouple of AMC (All My Children), Edmund and Maria Grey. One year they were 5 and 6, respectively and then they disappear for 6 months. Next time they appear, Maddie is 15 and Sam is 16. Okay, right there is SORASing that just doesn’t make any sense. Eva La Rue used to always joke that Edmund and Maria sent their kids to summer camp and that’s how they returned. Still, I never really understood the purpose of why AMC did that, because in the end, the Santos family was written off the canvas.

Perhaps, my biggest issue with SORASing has to do with the recent recasting of Colby Chandler on AMC. Now, I’ll admit that I was never a big fan of teenage Colby to begin with. Seriously, the character went for 4 to 15 in the span of a year. Last we saw Colby, she was a cute 4 year old, on the run with her mother Liza. Apparently, in that one year, she went from being this adorable kid to a Paris Hilton wannabe, using her Chandler name everywhere she went. And please don’t get me started on her Sweet 16 and all that other stuff she did that I’d rather not mention.

Anyhow… the writers finally decided to humanize the character, my way of saying, toning her down and I began liking the character, as well as Ambyr Childers’ portrayal. The writing improved and Colby calmed her teenage ways an actually became normal. *gasp* Okay, normal as in she wasn’t a Paris Hilton wannabe anymore.

Fast forward to recent times now, with the return of the Hubbard family. We now have Colby beginning to show feelings for Frankie Hubbard, a doctor… and ADULT (who was de-SORASed, which I choose not to get into.) AMC once again has a crazy idea, to SORAS Colby, albeit slightly so a possible Frankie/Colby romance can blossom.

I’m sorry, but I just don’t agree with this choice. Colby had a pretty good friendship with Dre Woods going and now it’s being shifted aside, so that Colby can get all googly-eyed at Frankie Hubbard. Hello, age gap here! Why couldn’t things have been left alone? Colby/Dre could have worked. Frankie doesn’t belong with the teens (Colby, Dre and Cass.)

Then again, something just doesn’t compute. SORAS is so complicated these days that the more children get aged, the more Erica Kane gets de-aged.


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